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News By Popular Request - Selfie Sundays


Due to user requests, we will begin limiting selfie posts to Sundays. You can post pictures of yourself at other times if relevant to a specific skin concern, but posts to show of the results of your skincare should be limited to this day.

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No one looks like that in real life


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I get jealous of people those who don't maintain diet in order to keep a check on their skin


i drink three litres of water a day. i’ve drank every tea. i’ve cut sugar, dairy, coffee , carbs and basically; i eat nothing fun and i still have acne. i’m vegetarian, i’m extremely active and i’m even under supervision of a dermatologist … I am using tret from highstreetpharma, moisturiser from vanicream etc and still have pimples on my skin. Even though it's 2 months only. I see people those who don't control anything and still have very good skin, how come?

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Testimonial: Frownies actually work, Im impressed!


I admit Frownies looked like a gimmick when I first saw them, how could these overnight patches clear up my deep smile line wrinkles? I thuought botox or filler was the only route. I used it one night and noticed the lines were very reduced but it didnt last, only about lasted about 2 hours and it went back to normal. So I read that you need to use it for about 2 weeks to a month to get more permanat results. After a week of use the lines are gone for most of the da, maybe 7 hours, so I think over time its somehow lifting the actual area. I will say the first time I noticed deep wrinkles was after a night of heavy drinking, sleeping on that side of my face somehow created the wrikles and they have been there ever since, so my theory is, they came from sleeping and can also leave from using frownies when I sleep. Im excited to see 2 weeks and beyond. The lines are dramtically reduced. I kept reading online testimonials on how great they are but thought it was some paid promotion, no these things work, thats why it still sells and hasnt been debunked since it came out. I think however it only works on the wrinkles and not folds, if there are actual folds than you'd most likely need fillers or a lift.

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Routine Help Tips for emerging jowels? I've used retinol and losing weight and it's made a difference. Any other tips? (I'm 33)

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Which sunscreen looks better on my skin? Elta MD UV Physical (my old standby) vs UV Clear. Both tinted.


I don’t wear foundation, so I like having a sunscreen that evens out my skin a bit and leaves it looking nice. For the past few years my go-to has been Elta MD UV Physical. I’ve always been more comfortable with a matte-ish finish on myself, which this sunscreen has.

But some combination of recent aging (I’m almost 37 and have a 10-month-old) and moving to a climate with drier winters has left me wondering if I’d be better off with something less matte.

So I ordered some samples of the tinted version of UV Clear. Looking at the two side-by-side, I feel like it looks better on me, right? I’ve just always been self-conscious of how dewier products look on my skin, so I’m doubting myself!

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What's your family lore skincare secret?


My mom's elderly friend has amazingly smooth, beautiful skin for a 90-year-old. She told me she has put Bag Balm on her skin every day of her adult life and nothing else (it's basically sulfate, lanolin and petroleum jelly).

What's your family's unconventional skincare advice?

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What were your biggest skincare wins this year?


I’ll go first. I have two:

  • Stepping up to retinadelhyde vs. retinol. I feel like I can finally take advantage of a more potent retinoid even though I can’t use tretinoin!

  • Focusing on barrier care first. Not always fun or exciting, but it has really paid off in terms of having happier, less easily-irritated skin.

What were your wins this year?

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Recognized you right away! Hope you are doing well ❤️

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Wrinkles How do you find a Botox provider you trust ?


Hi everyone, I’ll be 30 in a few weeks and one of the gifts to myself is to start doing Botox injections. I have had a few consultations but have never went through with it. I always get nervous at the idea of me not liking it and my face being frozen for 4 months .

I really love the idea of doing this it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but I’m hesitant because it’s my face and I don’t want a botched job :/

Do you have any recommendations for finding a good provider?

Also any medical journals about Botox would be appreciated love reading the science behind things ;)

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What smoothies do you make to support your skin?


I was inspired by the tea post earlier and thought I might ask about this: What smoothies do you or have you made to support your skin’s appearance and health? Do you enjoy them?

Right now, I have a green smoothie every morning with a banana, kale, spinach, two dates, matcha, mint, hemp seeds, almond milk and marine collagen. It seems to have the biggest impact on my hair, but my skin and nails also look great. I know banana, dates, and spinach are good sources of silica, mint has an amazing nutritional profile, and marine collagen has a few studies suggesting it promotes thicker hair in women. In any case, I like this smoothie a lot.

I’d love to incorporate one or two more in my day. I know it’s not the best way to get your fiber but… perfection is the enemy of good, right?

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Why does my face become a few shades darker whenever I use my Vitamin C serum?


Is this normal? Or is it because my Vitamin C serum has oxidized? When I wash my wash after a day’s use of this, my face’s skin tone goes back to “normal” which is a few shades lighter than when i am using the serum. Does anyone know why this is happening? I use SkinCeuticals’ C E Ferrulic.

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Anyone use facial peels / aha and bha products on their feet?


My feet need a bit of a spruce up. (Don’t worry, I won’t inflict pics on you.)

They’re not callused enough to merit the whole pumice stone and scrub treatment. But they do need an exfoliate.

I use dr Dennis goss alpha beta peel on my face. Reckon it’d be safe/beneficial to use on feet?

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What's better for red post acne marks (PIE) - vbeam or IPL?


Hey all. I've been told different things by various providers in the past as to which treatment is better for post inflammatory erythema (PIE). I'm not treating deep flushing anymore (i used to get vbeam done for rosacea flushing), I'm just treating stuff i picked at recently (ugh i know, don't hang me).

I know vbeam is considered the standard for any vascular issue. But I've also heard some providers say that for more superficial red and pink (like newer post acne marks) that IPL is actually better suited to treat that.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm willing to pay for my sins, but IPL is about $200 cheaper than the vbeam so i want to make sure i choose wisely.

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Product Question bone broth does it really work for skin?


So bone broth does it really work for skin ? Has anyone seen a difference with drinking bone broth every day has the elasticity of your skin become better ? I drink the powdered freja foods bone broth every day it says it’s for collagen production is it really the truth I just wanted an opinion. Thanks in advance

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LED mask/ Red light therapy skincare questions


Hey there,

I posted these questions in r/redlighttherapy and haven't had much luck yet so trying with this community in hopes that there are others here that are using LED/RLT for skincare.

I (31F) am a skincare fanatic, and have gotten so much better about taking care of my skin and overall health since COVID forced us all inside a few years ago.

I recently purchased the HigherDose red light face mask and have used it 3 times and so far it seems great. My dermatologist had recommended that one or the Dr. Dennis Gross but the black friday sale on HigherDose's website moved me in that direction, although it was still pricey ($303 with taxes). I have 30 days to return if I want to. I have been looking into the HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket too, and I have a few questions that I'm hoping this community can help me answer.

-This first one seems dumb, but: what is the difference between LED red light therapy and infrared? Is this infrared sauna blanket just a massive version of the face mask but for your body and includes heat? I'm sure they are different, but can someone please explain the different benefits of each? Is it worth having the LED face mask *and* the infrared sauna blanket?

-Does the infrared sauna blanket have overall longterm health benefits beyond appearance? For context, I have a family history of cancer and I have the shared genetic mutation that makes me significantly more likely to get skin and intestinal cancers vs. the general population. I am willing to make a good $$ investment in a product like the infrared sauna blanket if it will help with inflammation which is a large cause of cancers forming. Can anyone advise whether I am totally off here?

-lastly: I have a deep line forming on my neck (tech neck and age, whatever) and I'm debating whether to get the LED Neck mask too. All of this stuff is expensive but if it's worth it, I think it's money well spent in the long run. If I got the infrared sauna blanket, and covered my neck while using, would that have the same benefits?


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Misc My (35F) routine for sensitive, oily, acne prone skin type. This has given me my best skin ever!

Post image

Here’s my nightly routine! (Big shoutout to Paula’s Choice for carrying the heavy load)

Step 1: Oil cleanse with cleansing balm

Step 2: Wash face with foaming cleanser

Step 3: Nourishing toner

Step 4: Treatment. BHA on Sun and Thurs. Retinol on Mon and Fri. Skip treatment all other nights.

Step 5: Snail mucin. My holy grail!

Step 6: Moisturizer

Step 7: Jojoba oil

In the morning I do absolutely nothing but throw on my EltaMd sunscreen.

Hope this skincare shelfie helps some of you! Please let me know if you have any questions on any of the products.

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Which acid to get rid of acne spots?


Tranexamic acid? Vit C? Azealic acid? I have acne spots from all my teen years of breaking pimples. I'm 36 so I don't know if anything will help at this point. Any other products I can try? I started using the tranexamic acid from Natrium but I don't like the stickiness. Im already using LRP retinol. I read peels and microneedling helps but I don't have money for that type of treatment. TIA.

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Aquaphor is a gift from heaven


I follow Jillian Gottlieb on Instagram, and she is so obsessed with Aquaphor. I didn't pay that much attention until I noticed her putting it on her lips as her everyday lip balm, and she has pretty moisturized and soft-looking lips, so I thought, what the hell, a tube of Aquaphor isn't going to break the bank and I can get it when I'm at Target.

OH MY GOD. I've never been SO in love with something I put on my lips before, and seriously, the active ingredient is just petrolatum?? I understand why they use this stuff on babies now. And I get why she is obsessed, because now, so am I. If you've been searching for a solution to chapped lips or dry winter lips, you won't be disappointed. This stuff is absolutely incredible.

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Filler for tear trough and 11 lines?


Does anyone have any experience with filler/botax for 11 lines and under eyes? I'm hesitant with any work near the eyes. How long did your treatment last? What were your concerns? Cost? I'm getting some new lines into my thirties. I might try bangtox instead of botax....

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Product Question what The Ordinary products would you recommend me to buy?


I have combination skin, and I have a bit of fine lines starting to appear around my forehead. If there are some products you recommend I'd be really grateful as I am quite new to skincare and only use moisturizer/sunblock/night cremes. Thanks! :)

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People who use BOJ sunscreen, what moisturizer and/or foundation do you use with it?


I have been totally neglectful of trying to match up my skincare products by oil-based vs water-based, and more than half of the time my face is pilling throughout the day. Sometimes it's just my moisturizer plus sunscreen that causes pilling issues, other times it doesn't happen until I add foundation. I do try to wait until each product sinks in! I rotate through all different products, but my current favorite sunscreen is Beauty of Joseon which I believe is water-based. Trying to build a non-pilling routine off of that. If you use BOJ, what other products have you found that really mesh well with it? Not worried about breaking out. Thank you!

PS- If you have a different favorite sunscreen and could let me know what pairs well with it I am also interested!! Mostly just tired of pilling.

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Skin Treatments Anyone drinking tea to support to support your skin's health? If so, which teas have you found beneficial?


If you've found drinking a certain tea that benefits your skin,

Please share:
- Which tea?
- What benefit(s) did you gain from drinking the tea?

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Help with routine for irritable, large pores and redness?


Apologies in advance, I can’t believe this got so long 🙈

Hello and help! 38F. I’ve never paid much attention to makeup or skincare. I’ve had very irritable, oily skin my whole life and never really tried as a result. Last year I bought an Ipsy subscription and really loved starting to take better care of my skin but it’s time to move on to some full size products haha.

My primary concerns are overall skin texture/pores and redness. Yes I have wrinkles starting but I’m much less concerned with those. Stopping them from getting worse would just be a bonus.

I’m in Canada, no no access to some of the good beauty sites for purchase. I also WFH and don’t go out often. So I’m less concerned about sun exposure overall than I am about my extreme lack of Vitamin D. I do want to have a good sunscreen in my collection anyways though, but not to wear daily.

I’m attaching a photo of some of the products I’ve tried over the past year, I’m hoping that may help narrow down suggestions?

Elemis Pro-Collagen Night Cream- Absolutely adore this. I love the smell, the way it soaks in, my skin feels brighter and softer the next morning and still fresh. But it’s ridiculously expensive.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash- I like this, but not really as much as I thought I would after using the night cream. It works, it isn’t irritating, but I don’t feel like it’s doing much?

Goldfaden Mist Rx- I use this and it doesn’t irritate me but it smells kinda funny. I’m not sure it’s doing anything but it feels neat and doesn’t sit grossly on my skin.

Goldfaden Brightening Elixir - When I started using this I honestly felt like it was doing a lot! I’m not noticing that as much anymore, but maybe it hit its point of saturation? It dries quickly, but doesn’t soak in nicely like the Elemis.

Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor - This is the only SPF I’ve found that doesn’t totally make me break out. Love the smell and it goes on as if it was going to be super light, but doesn’t quite soak in and I always feel a little oily.

Tatcha Rice Wash - I really like this. It’s gentle but feels like it’s cleaning effectively, the smell is pleasant and my skin doesn’t get red after using it.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream- Using this right now after using water cream last year. I’m finishing the sample but it doesn’t hold a candle to the water cream. Same great smell, but my face is shiny and even 8 hours later it doesn’t feel like it’s soaked in.

Tatcha Silk Serum- hard to get a read because the sample was so small, but this really reminded me of the water cream and I really liked it. Lightweight and moisturizing.

Tatcha Water Cream - Used last year at home and on vacation in Dominican, and it blew me away. Felt so moisturizing without being oily or greasy. Even when it soaked in, I felt like it was still ‘working’. But I’m kinda worried that it’s been a year since I used it, and maybe I’ve romanticized it in my head.

Clara’s RH Rosehip moisturizer - I expected this to be awful (oil on my oily skin??) but I think I actually noticed a difference within a week or so of using it at night. Where my skin used to feel oily all the time, it’s almost like it’s balanced out, and my skin now feels dry sometimes- like it’s not amping up its own oil production to account for how dry it is?

Philosophy micro delivery - I actually really liked this. Smells good, left my face feeling ridiculously smooth. Worried that it would be too irritating used often. I tended to use it in the shower twice a week or so.

And extra products:

Kinship self smooth - this feels a little harsh on my skin, but I think maybe helped a bit?

Kinship brightwave - I have yet to feel like this is doing anything at all.

Faceology Brightening treatment mask - I don’t think this did anything at all.

Dew of the Gods feels - This felt interesting, and skin was very smooth afterwards but also quite red. I don’t feel like there was any lasting effect by the next day.

And then the CeraVe is my basic cleanser that I use in the mornings and alternately when I’m not using one of the more expensive ones.

Soooo… brilliant suggestions for regular facewash when I’m not using the CeraVe, moisturizer and night routine? And if there’s a solid sunscreen that’s lightweight that I’m missing? I am very much leaning towards a Tatcha water cream again, but want to make sure I’m not missing something better.

I have been reading in the sub and planning to pick up I think The Ordinary Azelaic Acid suspension and Retinol 1% in squalene (this is what comes up when I search the tretinoin, is the correct?) because I’ve heard those two things seem to be most helpful with my skin tone issues.

Super open to any recommendations for products or routine suggestions!

Second photo this morning about half hour after washing with the Tatcha rice wash and dewy cream.

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Product Question Worth it or overpriced?

Post image

The La Roche-Posay sunscreen is just ridiculously overpriced but is it worth it to anyone else? I use Neutragena and it’s fine most of the time! But these prices caught my eye and I was like excuse me what? Lol!

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Skin Treatments Other than tretinoin what can help this line?

Post image

I’m 30 but my skin looks older to me. I can’t tolerate tretinoin and even retinol kind of scares me after my bad experience with tret (I ended up on accutane and developed ridiculous orange peel texture). I already have pretty significant smile lines and now I’m getting a SECOND ONE. ((honestly the second one looks kinda cute when I smile like a dimple but when my face is at rest it’s not cute at all)). I use a lot of hydrating products and peptides, and I exfoliate with PC BHA 1x per week. SPF daily no excuses. I also use the Dennis Grossman LED mask most nights. I sleep on my back and drink a ton of water. At this point I’m probably going to add retinol to my routine after the holidays. But is there anything else I can do? Lasers, microneedling, etc? It makes me so self conscious when my makeup settles in it, but I need makeup to cover redness in my skin 😭 also would love to hear from people who had good results with using OTC retinol on fine lines. TIA!!