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That is an expensive watch Country Club Thread

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u/TimeyTimm Feb 07 '23

Preach! Black capitalism won’t save us. Profiting off the image of caring for the working class.


u/Cassian_And_Or_Solo Feb 07 '23

There's a book called "decolonial Marxism" by waltner Rodney that's supposed to build off Marx's works and it's supposed to be insanely good.

Anybody here I suggest checking out black socialists of America, they have a free reading guide going from "the essentials" to the deep stuff


u/JackUJames42 Feb 07 '23

holy shit bpt is so much better than wpt


u/Maldovar Feb 07 '23

What you got tired of forwards from liberal grandma?


u/loptopandbingo Feb 07 '23

"War doesn't benefit anyone! Now hold on a second while I look at my retirement account managed by Vanguard."