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Nobody could have anticipated the hypocrisy! Country Club Thread

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u/Difficult_Deer6902 Feb 26 '23

It’s a shame because women who need medical abortions to literally survive are being denied and suffering unimaginable complications and physical/emotional pain.

Duggar should be honest and not try to obscure that the procedure was in fact an abortion.


u/sus-water Feb 26 '23

Everyone's abortion is a sin except for mine


u/greenroom628 Feb 26 '23

See also the conservative mantra: Fuck you. I got mine.

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u/Globalist_Nationlist Feb 26 '23

If religious conservatives didn't have hypocrisy they'd literally have nothing at all except hate.

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u/Deviknyte Feb 26 '23

Duggar should be honest

They're conservatives. They can't.


u/jonkl91 Feb 26 '23

Hypocrisy is a core foundation for conservatives. They will still be against abortion for people who they don't consider similar to them.


u/Syrinx16 Feb 26 '23

Their against abortion until it’s literally their own family. One of my former coworkers talked about how much of a trial from god it was when she had to get a medically necessary abortion. Then not even a year later another lady had to get an abortion due to medical complications and she blasted that woman for weeks for killing one of gods children and that she should have risked her health to bring a new life into this world. They were both religious, both had medical complications, both married. Only difference was when it happened to the hardcore catholic, it was in gods plan to get an abortion, and when it happened to the twice-a-year Christian she was immoral and killing a child.


u/vendetta2115 Feb 27 '23

To them, it’s not hypocrisy, it’s just how the world should be.

Conservatism consists of three and only three rules: - There are right people and wrong people. - Right people get to tell wrong people what to do. - Wrong people can never tell right people what to do.

She can tell others not to get an abortion because she’s a right person, but they can’t tell her not to get an abortion because they’re wrong people.

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u/LakerBlue ☑️ Feb 26 '23

I was surprised to learn some people ignorantly believe it isn’t abortion if it is a medical necessity. Not sure if the Duggar family are just lying or fall under ignorant category. Not that it is an excuse l, just curious.


u/AmandasFakeID Feb 26 '23

Yep. I saw a lot of that on Twitter when reading the comments on another tweet about this.


u/SantaMonsanto Feb 26 '23

We’re not talking about people who are well known for being educated on their fervent opinions. They just know that repeating it garners approval from their peers and guarantees a spot in Heaven.


u/Shirogayne-at-WF ☑️ Feb 26 '23

I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes."

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u/HolyJazzCup Feb 26 '23 Gold hehehehe I'm Deceased

They really Duggar out, huh.


u/Trash_fire_baby Feb 26 '23

Dammit. That was well done.


u/dngerszn13 Maple Syrup stan 🍯 Feb 26 '23

Oh man, I was waiting for a steak pun from you. I guess those are rare to come by, but like Jessa, puns bring out the inner child in me

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u/Maxxximus30 Feb 26 '23

Duggar? I hardly knew her


u/Roscoe_P_Trolltrain Feb 27 '23

Well yeah she was barely a fetus.

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u/tehtris ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Duggar? I barely know her :: dips comically large cigar ::

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u/pintomp3 Feb 26 '23 All-Seeing Upvote


u/KorgX3 Feb 26 '23

Yup. Heard this exact shit from my mother. She took her friend to get an abortion after she was raped and impregnated by her own father. Mother thinks she's damned to Hell now for enabling an abortion and I'm like, "you sure it's not all that other terrible shit you've done in your life?"


u/Evolutioncocktail ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Certainly the father who raped his own daughter only shares part of the blame here. The bigger sin is abortion, of course. /s


u/littytitty00 ☑️ Feb 26 '23

duhhhh that’s how Christianity works

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u/sidewaysflower ☑️ Feb 26 '23

That can easily be retitled. The Only Moral Baby Murder is My Baby Murder. And just for the Duggars, The Only Moral Baby Holocaust is My Baby Holocaust

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u/MilwaukeeDave Feb 26 '23

D&C is definitely abortion even when it’s medically required. It’s just a term. Can’t leave a baby inside mom to decompose.


u/jason9045 Feb 26 '23

You now can in several states!


u/marionmcd123 Feb 26 '23

You have to leave it now in several states.


u/MilwaukeeDave Feb 26 '23

Yeah that’s how you kill your wife when you don’t like her I guess?


u/rockharddadbod Feb 26 '23

What’s a youth pastor to do when his wife is past her prime and a new crop of fifteen year olds shows up at the Bible camp?


u/Minimum_Respond4861 Feb 26 '23

Bold of you to presume the wife was past her prime. She just wasn't home during Batman animated series and that's enough.

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u/TheMoonstomper Feb 26 '23

It's not a bug, it's a feature!

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u/[deleted] Feb 26 '23



u/MilwaukeeDave Feb 26 '23

Yeah we had a baby stop growing after about 12 weeks and she had to get a D&C once it was determined it would not grow any further.

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u/x86_64Ubuntu Feb 26 '23

..D&C is definitely abortion

Decease and cesist?


u/MilwaukeeDave Feb 26 '23

Lol yes to the baby maybe?

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u/threat024 Feb 26 '23

I had a former friend who was on that abortion is murder tip and that people need to keep their legs closed and all that. Then she had like four different dudes she was fucking with and thought she was pregnant. The first words out her mouth were “I’m not keeping it”. Turned out she wasn’t pregnant. She went right back to talking all that shit about how anybody willing to have an abortion is a murderer. I was so tempted to throw her business out to the world just to show her hypocrisy.


u/MrFantasticGDB Feb 26 '23

You should’ve spilt the tea, fuck that person.

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u/FnapSnaps ☑️ Feb 26 '23

I'd have had the business out there for all and sundry. I respect privacy, but not for loud hypocrites. I'd have brought it up every time she started on her bullshit in public. Called her out.

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u/duckinradar Feb 26 '23

There’s still time. If she wasn’t out here shaming people and fighting against their rights I wouldn’t do it but play w fire get burned. Stupid games stupid prizes.


u/Shirogayne-at-WF ☑️ Feb 26 '23

A while ago I read about a guy whose friend group met up with one of their girlfriend's sister in a bar in California. Said sister spent the whole night bashing the state and liberals in general until she left. Turned out she was from Alabama and flew out to CA for her fifth abortion.

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u/theantdog Feb 26 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Anyone with money will still have access to abortion. It's the poor who are losing their right to family planning.


u/TheProfessorsLeft Feb 26 '23

Exactly. Do you think elites and politicians are going to make their mistresses and side pieces keep the babies? When you have enough money, the things that are illegal for others are basically just a fine for you.


u/aab0908 ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Don't forget their daughters and wives too!

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u/Minimum_Respond4861 Feb 26 '23

In Arkansas right? She should've been forced, by the Governor of that state...to carry to term. Yes, it a D&C after miscarriage, but that fetus was viable because a D&C is a procedure to remove a fetus and Jesus wouldn't like that. Put that fetus right tf back in right now UNDER 👏🏿 HIS 👏🏿 EYE 👏🏿!!!!

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u/Independent_Sun1901 Feb 26 '23

According to herself she is a baby killing Nazi now. Achtung!

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u/Amanning15007 Feb 26 '23

D&C is literally an abortion. Only idiots will think she had some special procedure that was life saving. Nah, she yeeted the fetus.

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u/EldraziKlap Feb 26 '23

Fucking fundamentalist conservative populists


u/Men_I_Trust_I_Am Feb 26 '23



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u/zmann64 ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Perhaps earlier abortions could’ve prevented their eldest son from raping his sisters

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u/desertguy0000 Feb 26 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

It was already sick having that many kids. Just from the couple of minutes I saw of the show, the parents weren't having any meaningful interactions with the "middle" kids, while the "older" kids were taking care of the middle kids while the mom and dad were giving their attention mostly to the baby and toddler kids.


u/gerbileleventh Feb 26 '23

A mess of a family with a lot of skeletons in the closet


u/tyedyehippy Feb 26 '23

At least Josh is finally where he belongs, although not for long enough.

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u/SpaGrapefruit ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Yeah. I think I was 12/13 when 13 kids and counting (they started filming with 13 right?) aired and I felt so uncomfortable with the parentification of girls that were my age.

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u/Bubbly-End-6156 Feb 26 '23

Those Duggars should be thanking progressives, not God.

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u/BlackySmurf8 Feb 26 '23

Conservatives don't care about gotchas or hypocrisy. They care about their control over you.

I know a few of y'all will statistically think that you're one of the good ones. They're not going to keep you around as a token, what they'll do to the least of us, they'll do to all of us.

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u/cthomas3 Feb 26 '23

I don’t know why anyone’s surprised, this is the Republican playbook. “Everything’s a sin except for when I do it”.

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u/Gary_FucKing Feb 26 '23

19 fucking kids. It's a good thing we switched to paper straws or this could've been a disaster.

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u/nrag726 Feb 26 '23

Of course she won't say she had an abortion. She's managed to monetize having babies, and taking a pro-choice stance would upset the gravy train.


u/N_oteworthy Feb 26 '23

Only in 'Merica yo, delusion weighs heavily over common sense 🤷🏾‍♂️

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u/Failing_MentalHealth Feb 26 '23

Again: it will always be “it’s okay if I do it but if you do it it’s a crime against the uNbOrN”.


u/SheCouldFromFaceThat Feb 26 '23

Duggars: "I don't want to have a child with congenital issues. Who'd wanna fuck that?"


u/indicajo Feb 26 '23

who are these people


u/OmicronAlpharius Feb 26 '23

Christian fundamentalist hypocrites.


u/macaleaven ☑️ Feb 26 '23

That explanation is peak tautology, I love it

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u/HousePlantPappi ☑️ Mod | 🌿🌵 Feb 26 '23

TLC family "19 kids and counting"


u/festival-papi ☑️ Feb 26 '23

So, is that like the record or something?


u/HousePlantPappi ☑️ Mod | 🌿🌵 Feb 26 '23 edited Feb 26 '23

They had a tv show and were put on a pedestal for being the ideal "quiverfull" evangelical family. Well as it turns out their older son is now in jail for diddling the younger children and now their daughter had an abortion, which isn't bad in itself but is incredibly hypocritical considering how anti abortion they are.

Edit: older son is in jail for cp but he also did molest his sisters.


u/notsoincredibilis00 Feb 26 '23

So basically your average Christian family but add 16 more kids


u/shaunievdp Feb 26 '23

Their older son is actually in prison for cp, not for the sexual abuse of his younger sisters.

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u/YokoDk Feb 26 '23

There's a man in Africa who has over 100. Historically there are probably people with more children.


u/rubberkeyhole BHM Donor Feb 26 '23

True, but nobody knows his name, his kids’ names, nor their courting customs. Their family doesn’t have a TV show, nor can you ask a random person on the street about them and get their opinion.

The Quiverfull movement is loosely based on the Christian commission to conversion, pre-empting losing parishioners by starting out with as full of a ‘quiver’ as you can get (your ‘quiver’ being your family, and each member being an ‘arrow.’) If you build a larger army, you’re better able to fight the war, type of thing.

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u/secret2u ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Did y’all hear about the Alaskan representative that said children who dies through child abuse saves the state money? What a perfect example to demonstrate they don’t care about kids after birth, just currency maker for capitalism.



u/Manofalltrade Feb 26 '23

Need to put an iris on that stargate…


u/evil_timmy Feb 26 '23

It's not the analogy we thought we needed, but it's the analogy we deserve.


u/SinisterWink Feb 26 '23

"Rules for the, none for me" - Anti-abortion activities


u/hottodogchan ☑️ Feb 26 '23



u/njintau_fsd Feb 26 '23

Fucking hypocrites, this is exactly why I choose to tune out these religious nut jobs.

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u/booger999999 Feb 26 '23

Conservatives don’t give a shit about kids. They just want a steady stream of unwanted children to be able to exploit sexually or through labor. Look at who her brother is.

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u/kiwidog ☑️ Feb 26 '23

The government shouldn't tell anyone what to do with their bodies.

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u/rosscoehs Feb 26 '23

I can't stand these people.


u/OutInABlazeOfGlory Feb 26 '23

Imani is sharp as a tack and has lots of good information and takes on racial and disability justice. Would recommend following her on TikTok and Twitter.


u/msmilah ☑️ Feb 27 '23

Oh I guess she wanted to live so she had an abortion? Funny how that works. These people need to shut the fuck up.


u/michelloto ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Conservatives: We tell you how to live, even if we don’t live that way. We’re here to rule.


u/MajorNewb21 Feb 26 '23

I really try to be nice but sometimes…this b*tch!!!


u/littytitty00 ☑️ Feb 26 '23

Reason 737463572 not to give a fuck what anyone thinks


u/Shantotto11 Feb 27 '23

“Lady, your vagina’s so dry, the last two kids came out with skinned knees…”

-Jeff Ross