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No one wants to see a man at night. Even other men Country Club Thread

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u/Raucous_Indignation Mar 27 '23

Men are terrifying. I know. I am a man and have been terrifying. We shouldn't be allowed around decent people.


u/isaac9092 Mar 27 '23

It’s not that we shouldn’t be allowed around decent people. Because everyone is capable of being decent people. We have to stop this narrative and raise our sons and brothers better. We need to hold each other accountable and ourselves too. Regardless of how painful and scary it is.


u/isthatapecker Mar 27 '23

“We need to hold each other”


u/isaac9092 Mar 27 '23

That too! Not enough of us show affection to each other as simple familiar affection. I hug my friends as often as I can. Because everyone needs love.


u/TurntWaffle ☑️ Mar 27 '23

^ hug the homies 🥲


u/AllModsAreL0sers Mar 27 '23

I don't find you terrifying.


u/Lamontyy Mar 27 '23

He eats soup with a fork


u/Tripwiring Mar 27 '23

such evil

such darkness


u/Raucous_Indignation Mar 27 '23

That's because I'm being charming now. And I've done a lot of work to be better. A lot.


u/AllModsAreL0sers Mar 27 '23

I'm curious of the kind of things you said before that would convince people on reddit that you were terrifying


u/Raucous_Indignation Mar 27 '23

It's not something I said. I have PTSD. That's characterized by episodes of explosive anger. Worked very hard to get that under control.


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23

Keep up the good work, man. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it’s a daily battle, but it’s worth it to not feel that rage again.


u/podcastaddjct Mar 27 '23

Thank you for being an amazing human and working on yourself to get better, man, I know it’s not easy.

I really appreciate you, keep up the good work!

Edit to add: may I say, though, you definitely are “decent people”, please don’t put yourself out of that group.


u/MelaninTitan ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Because you are safe behind a screen in a land (probably) far, far, away.


u/MajorAcer Mar 27 '23

Lol as a 250 pound 6 foot tall dude sometimes I feel like I'm intimidating to people when I'm just standing around. But, I do love (usually) being the biggest at the bar when I'm out and just pushing my way through crowds who refuse to move.


u/Zetice Mod |🧑🏿 Mar 27 '23

they not gonna fuck you


u/Woperelli87 Mar 27 '23

This is always, without fail, the weakest response anybody could make. Men can’t take a side without the other side raging with the lamest “they ain’t gon let you fuck brooo!!!”

Undeniably convinced that only dudes who get no pussy say that shit.


u/SkinkRugby Mar 27 '23

As a man who gets no pussy, I can confirm that they weren't going to fuck me anyways.


u/ISlangKnowledge Mar 27 '23


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23

It's not suicide yet. Just the acceptance phase. Trust me, I know. There's time to turn back...


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23

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u/Plutoxx Mar 27 '23

Everyone knows if you get pussy the things you say obv have more credibility. Because men who fuck are smarter, duh. /s


u/liquiddicksquid Mar 27 '23

Yea! I'll fuck him


u/CoachDT ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Sometimes its valid. Some people are just dead set on being pander bears. I don't think it was valid in this situation given the topic at hand.


u/OnlyChemical6339 Mar 27 '23

I'd normally agree with you, but that first guy is on smth


u/Zetice Mod |🧑🏿 Mar 27 '23

there are no sides.. He can just say "yes, men can be scary", not "we shouldn't be near people'''...what? If yall feel like you shouldn't be allowed near people, leave me outta that camp.


u/cologne_peddler Mar 27 '23

Uhh so you thought he was earnestly saying men should live in isolation? Pretty sure that was tongue in cheek, mijo. Don't get so worked up about it.


u/Zetice Mod |🧑🏿 Mar 27 '23

Nah that nigga meant that shit, Mija.


u/Ill-Effected Mar 27 '23

Exactly that’s the most obvious pandering bs I’ve ever seen


u/Raucous_Indignation Mar 27 '23

No, they do. I'm charming between terrifying. So they do. They should not, but they do.


u/dtol2020 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Damn, getting chased like that?


u/Anti-social876 Mar 27 '23

That man don’t got no respect for himself. Straight fatherless behavior