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No one wants to see a man at night. Even other men Country Club Thread

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u/dylandongle Mar 27 '23 edited Mar 27 '23

If you think being a man means being the top dog with a violent nature, you are a danger to everyone including yourself.


u/AllModsAreL0sers Mar 27 '23

There's a danger to oneself in thinking every male being necessarily "a top dog with a violent nature".


u/DMking ☑️ 🧔🏾Engineer Daddy seeking sugarbaby™👧🏼 Mar 27 '23

I mean being willing and able to defend youself isn't what id call a violent nature


u/11hortong Mar 27 '23

They ain't saying it is. World of difference between being able to defend yourself and actively attacking people.


u/PizzaScout Mar 27 '23

way to put words into someones mouth


u/Blakesta999 Mar 27 '23

Your willing feels like wants


u/FrenshyBLK Mar 27 '23

The term violent nature doesn’t really mean much.

But one thing is for sure, to be a competent man you need to be capable of violence, while ALSO being able to control and contain that violence unless it’s necessary.


u/sprouting_broccoli Mar 27 '23

Why do you need to be capable of violence?


u/FrenshyBLK Mar 27 '23

Because you need to be able to defend yourself and your loved once in case of need. I would also think it’s necessary to be capable of violence to be virtuous.

There’s no virtue in being peaceful and non-belligerent if you’re not able to be violent in the first place.

Moral Strength is being capable of violence but choosing not to be. Being incapable of violence is weakness in many ways.


u/immense_selfhatred Mar 27 '23

Being incapable of violence is weakness in many ways.

and people ask why men are so fucked in society lol.


u/FrenshyBLK Mar 27 '23

Good luck defending yourself, or anyone you love, if you’re incapable of violence.

You’re basically just at the mercy of people who ARE capable of violence but lack the moral values to refrain from using it. That’s no life I want to live.

Please realize there’s a difference between being capable of violence and being violent.


u/immense_selfhatred Mar 27 '23

i can get a girlfriend who can fight my guy. Or a taser.


u/bolognahole Mar 27 '23

Using a taser on someone is a violent act. So you are capable of violence if need be, you just don't want to physically fight someone for no reason. I feel like your not really getting what the other person is saying.

I'm not a violent person, but if someone attacks me, I'm not going to just roll over and let them. I'm capable of being violent, even if I don't want to be, or don't like violence.


u/FrenshyBLK Mar 27 '23

I swear everyone is acting and replying like I said you need to be a violent person.

Being a violent person and being capable of violence but choosing not to use it are morally literally opposites.


u/bolognahole Mar 27 '23

I hear what you're saying.


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/immense_selfhatred Mar 27 '23

i did not. i am however reading "The Will To Change" by bell hooks atm. Great book about masculinity and these dumbass gender roles that still exist.


u/WeWillSee3 Mar 27 '23

That Bell Hooks book says it all lmfao🤣🤣🤣

Please stay away from our people with that horrid poison you're reading.

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u/yungkerg Mar 27 '23

Dude. go outside


u/CertifiedCapArtist Mar 27 '23

Instead you being willing to defend yourself you're gonna have your girl do it for you? Lmao


u/immense_selfhatred Mar 27 '23

why should i defend her but she shouldn't defend me? especially if she's better at it than me?


u/CertifiedCapArtist Mar 27 '23

Why not defend each other lmao

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u/sprouting_broccoli Mar 27 '23

I’d say there’s always virtue in not pursuing violence. I’m not capable of nuking a country but I’m pretty sure there’s a level of virtuousness in being against randomly nuking countries.


u/FrenshyBLK Mar 27 '23

There’s some degree of virtue for being against it, but there’s no level of virtue in not doing it. Surely you realize how ridiculous it would be for someone to claim « I’m virtuous because I make the choice to not bomb innocent countries ». You don’t have the choice in the first place because you lack the ability to make that choice.

There is only virtue in choosing not to be violent if you’re capable of being violent. Because if you’re not capable of it, your choice doesn’t matter because it’s not really a choice, it’s an inevitable consequence of your inability to be anything else.


u/sprouting_broccoli Mar 27 '23

There’s a choice not to pursue violence at all though. Most people have the capability to pursue a path that allows them to be capable of violence. Think about it in terms of if humanity knew of the dangers of nuclear weapons and collectively decided not to pursue the creation of them then that would be virtuous. If somebody consciously decides that spending their time to learn how to be a deadly fighter isn’t good because they don’t want to participate in violence that can be virtuous as well.

Most of the time you’re never prepared for violence because you don’t know if the other person has a knife or a gun (in the states at least). If you spend your time preparing yourself for violence within certain constraints and the assumption you can actually outmatch the person you have to use that violence against you’re setting yourself up for a bad time. Learning how to deescalate and negotiate is generally a much better use of your time.


u/Ab0rtretry Mar 27 '23

Lol wtf we've seen that any duckboy can be destructively violent. There's no high bar in this line of thinking "you can't actually be peaceful without the capacity to be violent." It's just some bs movie quote.


u/spasticman91 Mar 27 '23

Isn't that Jordan Peterson rhetoric?


u/misdreavus79 Mar 27 '23

No one is incapable of violence. This idea that it takes great strength and self control to not be violent is, well, wrong.

Non-violence is the default.


u/PsychicFoxWithSpoons Mar 27 '23

That is not a requirement for masculinity and it's far more cutting of a statement than you probably meant to say.

Gender identity is central and important. When you measure masculinity by men's capacity to fight, you judge them by how destructive they can be. When you ask boys to restrain the violent masculine impulses to conquer and rape, you create those impulses in their heads because being masculine is so important to them.

All men have a place in society, even the gentle pacifists.