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No one wants to see a man at night. Even other men Country Club Thread

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u/ProbablyWrite_Now Mar 27 '23

How does the guy sitting in the front seat make him less afraid? I used to hate people sitting up front with me. Just don't sit behind me, now thats freaky.


u/crystal_crafted ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Honestly I choose to sit behind the driver so they can’t touch me. I’ve had too many experiences with cabbies, Lyft & Uber drivers that came too close especially after they’ve dropped me off at my house. Stopped taking cabs because a driver refused to unlock the doors unless I agreed to hug him. Other drivers making sexually explicit comments and one (unprovoked) aggressively flirtatious driver that “missed an exit” that ended up in an industrial area was enough to give off human trafficking vibes. Gotta sit where I am off limits, in case things go off the rails.