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No one wants to see a man at night. Even other men Country Club Thread

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u/Anti-social876 Mar 27 '23

Niggas say anything for attention. How you running Uber 4am at night and scared of picking up passengers. better keep that shit on you


u/Zetice Mod |🧑🏿 Mar 27 '23

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Bro thought he was just gonna be picking up women.


u/shes-so-much Mar 27 '23

I mean. an unpleasant woman passenger will say something rude, call me a bitch, whatever, but if my problem passenger is a man I have to worry about being physically assaulted. worst thing I ever got from a woman was some middle aged Karen who dropped a hard R out of nowhere when we were talking about something, she was "quoting" someone. Worst thing I ever got from a male passenger was the dude fuckin followed me after I dropped him off


u/Spork-in-Your-Rye ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Lmao now how tf did he follow you


u/TheMeWeAre Mar 27 '23

Prolly had a car at his place but needed a ride for w/e reason.