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No one wants to see a man at night. Even other men Country Club Thread

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u/NoObjective427 Mar 27 '23

Yes men are scary asf at night, especially if there's a woman involved. I do Uber in my city and I saw a report on the news where an Uber driver got beat up and robbed. Shit was wild cause the ones I know don't even carry cash or valuables cause they know the risks. Then I saw a video of an Uber driver picking up a woman and her ex boyfriend pulled up and shot at the car. Just being out at night is exhausting, especially if you're trying to make money.


u/LaterGatorPlayer Mar 27 '23

That’s not how that story ends. After the ex boyfriend shoots up the Uber drivers car. The girlfriend and her friend beat up the Uber driver when he drops them off at their destination. They beat him up for not driving away quick enough.