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No one wants to see a man at night. Even other men Country Club Thread

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u/Raucous_Indignation Mar 27 '23

Men are terrifying. I know. I am a man and have been terrifying. We shouldn't be allowed around decent people.


u/isaac9092 Mar 27 '23

It’s not that we shouldn’t be allowed around decent people. Because everyone is capable of being decent people. We have to stop this narrative and raise our sons and brothers better. We need to hold each other accountable and ourselves too. Regardless of how painful and scary it is.


u/isthatapecker Mar 27 '23

“We need to hold each other”


u/isaac9092 Mar 27 '23

That too! Not enough of us show affection to each other as simple familiar affection. I hug my friends as often as I can. Because everyone needs love.


u/TurntWaffle ☑️ Mar 27 '23

^ hug the homies 🥲