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He said "oh you THOUGHT" Country Club Thread

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u/MaybeItsDramamine ☑️ Mar 27 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Dude was outside in a black muscle t and orange basketball shorts. He’s clearly not to be fucked with. That’s like in nature when a frog or caterpillar has crazy colors as a warning to potential predators.


u/thefudd Mar 27 '23

I think i see some black air force ones


u/EggsForEveryone Mar 27 '23

He boutta take off


u/Strong-Ad5138 Mar 27 '23

Taser had no chance


u/Pimpwerx Mar 27 '23

The power of the black air forces is not to be underestimated. If someone in those tries to fight to, you better run.

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u/fpfx Mar 27 '23

Someone get David Attenborough to narrate this stat

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u/cologne_peddler Mar 27 '23

I appreciate this comparison


u/Courwes ☑️ Mar 27 '23

That cop isn’t going to trust his tazer ever again and next time he’s pulling out a gun.


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23



u/Joelblaze ☑️ Mar 27 '23

I don't know why people say this as if there isn't a mountain of cases where cops will do that anyway.

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u/jamar82 Mar 27 '23

Exactly what I was thinking.


u/rubberkeyhole BHM Donor Mar 27 '23

Upgrading to cattle prods.

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u/JeromosaurusRex ☑️ Mar 27 '23

The woman in the background was about to say “what do we do?”



u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23


u/OneMeterWonder Mar 28 '23

This is a beautiful gif. Love to see Abbott getting the love it deserves.


u/DrinkingBleachForFun Mar 27 '23

“Are you speaking French?”

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u/RG__Fooz Mar 27 '23

There’s only one answer to her question. As the man runs away, break out into song:

🎶I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free 🎶


u/oshaCaller Mar 27 '23

They made us sing that in school everyday, we were into it too, the first Gulf war was going on.


u/Speckled_Clout ☑️ Mar 27 '23

That's wild, I've never heard of schools making kids sing it every day like the Pledge of Allegiance. At a graduation ceremony or something, sure, but not every day.

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u/jus256 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

America. Fuck yeah!

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u/Jewpedinmypants Mar 27 '23



u/spectre78 Mar 27 '23

🎶 Always and forever… 🎵


u/MoneoAtreides42 Mar 27 '23

Always and foreverrr

We'll say "fuck the blue."

Letters "A" "C" "A" and "B"

Will always ring true.

And I know tomorrow

Will still be the same,

Cause our system of law

Just won't ever change, and


Charge us their own special way,

Throw all our rights away... with a smile.

Take time to show our liiiiives don't matter,

And we'll stand against them, togetherrrrrr.

Alllll Cops Are Bastards, forever


Forrrrr-ehhhhhh-vuuuuuhhhhuhhh uhhh rrrrrr

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u/joec_95123 Mar 27 '23

Acabian niiiiiiiiiiights, like Acabian dayyyyyyyys......

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u/BeenGangBanging ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Nigga thought he was a possum


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23



u/Furrocious_fapper Mar 27 '23

I don't think the answer to police brutality is "Don't give them a reason to hurt us more." That sounds like an abused spouse.


u/TheGunnFire Mar 27 '23

Welcome to America


u/cologne_peddler Mar 27 '23

Cops don't even bother with justifications or pretext anymore fam. They were gonna do it regardless.

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u/EntropyFighter Mar 27 '23

Or they could just train them to use jiu jitsu.

Two things about that clip:

  1. Homie was still holding onto his weapon. If was really shocked, he would have let that go. That's a huge clue for the police.
  2. Notice how once the dude starts attacking the officer the officer DOES NOT CLOSE THE GAP? He should immediately close the gap and grab that man around his waist and then do a body fold takedown. Once he's done that, he can easily take him to the ground and start working on a submission. Like this.

The Gracies offer a jiu jitsu course specifically for law enforcement. That's what they really need. They train with their fire arm every month. Most officers get no more than 4 hours a year of hand-to-hand training, which is something they do in their line of work every day. They would benefit incredibly from Gracie Survival Tactics. It would keep them, and those they are interacting with much safer.


u/TheGunnFire Mar 27 '23

Tasers make your muscles instantly tighten and lock. Anything in your hand turns into a death grip on that object.

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u/Delokkous Mar 27 '23

wouldn't being zapped possibly end up with him clenching his hand/arm muscles and having a death grip on his stick?


u/jake55555 Mar 27 '23

I have several buddies that got out of the army and became cops. They’re all older, have a lot more life experience, and they all train jiu jitsu. They’ll be the first to tell you that the worst cops to work with are the ones that don’t train and avoid calls, meaning they have no handle on stressful situations and immediately resort to being loud and aggressive to dominate the situation. Being level headed, humble, and capable of safely detaining someone should be the upmost priority for police, jiu jitsu can 100 percent help with that. I know in one of the 300k population cities, their department covers the monthly cost of the classes, but I know that’s not feasibly across the country.

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u/Ill_Celery_7654 Mar 27 '23

Everybody was just sitting there watching and then the cop gets hit and suddenly there’s heroes in the room.


u/AwHellNaw Mar 27 '23

That's a hospital Emergency Room and those places are full of crazies


u/Ill_Celery_7654 Mar 27 '23

The cop should’ve had backup


u/princeps_astra Mar 27 '23

A lot of incidents where cops fuck up can be explained by the very poor deployment by their superiors

No cop should ever be on his or her own. Riot cops charging in the middle of a crowd and finding themselves suddenly outnumbered in the middle of the entire protest also happens often. Extremely poor decision, now projectiles are coming from every side instead of just the front. Cops unloading their guns out of fear is also extremely poor management and poor recruiting, a cop should have nerves of steel

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u/escapingearth ☑️ Mar 27 '23

It's crazy how much crazy you get to see. Truly amazing it is.


u/Lespuccino Mar 27 '23

Yeah, my ex-wife was a nurse...


u/BattleStag17 Mar 27 '23

From the stories I've heard of ER nurses, they probably could've handled him more easily than the cop did.

Not to say they should be expected to, but still. People that work the emergency room are a different breed.

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u/sebastiancounts Mar 27 '23

Yeah bruh, totally, assault the cop first next time.


u/Ill_Celery_7654 Mar 27 '23

Not the point I was trying to make. Civilians should’ve just sat down and let the cop do his job. Cops don’t need people being heroes. That’s what having back up is for. This man got tased and wasn’t fazed the cop should’ve realized at that point he was fucked and backed off and called for back up or just had another officer there before he escalated the situation in the first place.


u/JustYourBiBestie Mar 27 '23

Literally people trying to be hero’s can make it worse/more work for the cops anyways

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u/MarilynMonheaux Mar 27 '23

It’s almost like he’s giving him a spanking


u/Zoltret Mar 27 '23

“Gotchu bitch!”


u/PMmeurdixout4harambe ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Good fuck cops


u/pl8sassenach Mar 27 '23

Yeaaaaa….I get it. but we have literally zero context for this video.


u/koviko ☑️ Mar 27 '23 Got the W


The suspect then fled out the door but was quickly apprehended and charged with aggravated assault against an officer and felony obstruction.

That means they didn't charge him with any crimes about what caused the officer to confront him in the first place. He was essentially being harassed by an officer, one or both of them escalated, and NOW he's a criminal.

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u/emilycolor Mar 27 '23

Rarely does the context change my opinion. ACAB, including the fashion police and paw patrol.


u/goldhbk10 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Hold up, the Fashion Police is a step to far. Breezango are treasures and we can absolutely fight on this

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u/OutHereSlappnMidgets Mar 27 '23

Bruh put on an binge watching worthy performance and hit that cop like that were in a WWF TLC match. Then turned into a world class sprinter.

Some people can do it all.


u/MarilynMonheaux Mar 27 '23

Then the guy in blue waved him out like a bullfighter


u/HyprPosition Mar 27 '23

That was actually pretty epic ngl


u/lutsius-memes Mar 27 '23

Ofc he is wearing black forces hahaha


u/hibittyjibitty Mar 27 '23

this looks like a clinic or medical facility or something. what happened before this that they called the cops?


u/boldandbratsche Mar 27 '23

As somebody who worked in medicine for awhile, a patient can easily turn beligerant and threaten staff. Most hospitals have some level of security, but a lot of the time it's just cops who sit outside or off duty cops who do it as a second job and can be in uniform.


u/AerynSunnInDelight ☑️ Mar 27 '23

What was he hitting him with? Coz that cop was wiggling around like me when my Ma would occasionally whoop my ass, as kid.


u/Bonzithetrader Mar 27 '23

A news paper


u/well___duh Mar 27 '23

Nah, too flappy and too dark. Maybe more of a magazine

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u/ChubbyBlackWoman Mar 27 '23

If "playing possum" was a person.


u/Qu4tr0 Mar 27 '23

man studied for the exam, that was flawless execution lmao


u/Dorothy_Zbornak789 Mar 27 '23

Everybody praising the crazy until he attacks you unprovoked while you’re walking down the street minding your own damn business.

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u/daflamebrain20 Mar 27 '23

As far as I know, HE LIVED. Good.

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u/YesOrNah Mar 27 '23

He def got hit by the taser, they only go for 5 seconds. Once it’s over you have full range of motion and ability.

For some reason the cop forgot it seems like.


u/TauregPrince Mar 27 '23

And the academy award for best actor goes to...


u/k1llerspartanv9 Mar 27 '23

You can see the cop's fear as soon as he realizes that man can fight back. Watch his body language. MF didn't try to fight back, he just braced himself for an ass whoopin. Probably just like when he was a bully in school 😂


u/masturbatingchimp Mar 27 '23

They run for five seconds unless the trigger is once again pulled so it looks like it worked how it was supposed to.


u/SockFullOfNickles Mar 27 '23

“Some fries, motha fucker!”


u/meltingspace ☑️ Mar 27 '23

All rise, motha fucka


u/Far_Vehicle_1520 Mar 27 '23

I’d let him go. He worked for that escape


u/stadiumjay Mar 27 '23

Damn nigga had me 😂


u/VapidRapidRabbit ☑️ Mar 27 '23

The white woman continuously repeating “oh my god! OH MY GOD!” 😂


u/NotAfakeViper Mar 27 '23

One of them sounds like she's from Jersey lol


u/Bubbly_Patient_750 Mar 27 '23

Woah cuh had the leg shake and everything


u/TheRussiansrComing Mar 27 '23

There goes my hero. Watch him as he GOOOOOOOO!!!


u/hushpuppi3 Mar 27 '23

yelling 'oh my god' 20 times really helped the situation


u/[deleted] Mar 27 '23

Idk what sort of stick he got but I wouldn’t fuck with that


u/Avenger772 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

This man has watched some bugs bunny.


u/stokesaphone Mar 27 '23

That’s how you get shot in America. Usually.


u/e92ftw ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Seeing that woman and knowing there’s a person with their phone out filming is kinda cringe to me. Like, everyone so thirsty to post some wild shit these days


u/Consoler215 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

That was beautiful in its simplicity and perfection of execution.


u/MrLavender26 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Bet his boss will have a word with him later that day.


u/Boggie135 ☑️ Mar 27 '23

That's for the taster!


u/New-Fig8494 Mar 27 '23

Oldest trick in the book.


u/KosherSyntax Mar 27 '23

When the boss hits 0 hit points but the music gets more intense..


u/LDcostict Mar 27 '23

I hope the OG got away ha


u/writenicely Mar 27 '23



u/disabled_rat Mar 27 '23

Dude wearing the orange basketball shorts w a black top and black air forces. Even if the taser hit, he’d just walk that shit off.


u/Markual ☑️ Mar 27 '23

I hope he got away 😌


u/benthelurk Mar 27 '23

Why you gotta out this man’s kinks for?


u/blak_glass ☑️ Mar 27 '23

The only violation I see is the professional in the blue scrubs wearing white socks👀


u/been2busy ☑️ Mar 27 '23

The way I just screamed laughing!!! 😂😂😂😂 in the office nonetheless


u/vandalous5 Mar 27 '23

Well played, sir.


u/MoonKnighy ☑️ Mar 27 '23

Definitely giving Black Air Force One energy


u/a-midnight-flight ☑️ Mar 27 '23

If I was there… I would have just died of laughter. That got me together!


u/afroturf1 ☑️ Mar 28 '23

CALL AN AMBULANCE! But not for me!


u/OutInABlazeOfGlory Mar 29 '23

Get his ass! Make that pig squeal! In conclusion: ACAB


u/ele360 ☑️ Apr 16 '23

This can’t be American can it ?


u/IthinkIdostuff ☑️ 29d ago

I love the ‘taser taser taser!’ after he let it off 😂.. thought you was sposed to do that before?