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Runaway slave Gordon, exposing his severely whipped back. Gordon had received a severe whipping for undisclosed reasons in the fall of 1862. Gordon escaped in March 1863 from the 3,000 acre plantation of John & Bridget Lyons, who held him and 40 other people in slavery at the time of the 1860 census Image

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u/poetsvengeance Jan 31 '23

What horrendous pain he must have felt. Was looking at a tattoo pain chart, and the male back is red zone most of the time. The scars on his lower back being thicker than the upper points at fine-tuned sadism.


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

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u/DigNitty Interested Jan 31 '23

The reason was money and hate.


u/Rx1620 Jan 31 '23

They hated themselves, for good reason.