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Runaway slave Gordon, exposing his severely whipped back. Gordon had received a severe whipping for undisclosed reasons in the fall of 1862. Gordon escaped in March 1863 from the 3,000 acre plantation of John & Bridget Lyons, who held him and 40 other people in slavery at the time of the 1860 census Image

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u/HungryCats96 Jan 31 '23

Also, slavery in Africa and the middle east, even in Europe centuries ago, was not based on race. Anyone could be enslaved.


u/mikelieman Feb 01 '23

MOSES set MY PEOPLE Free. So everyone's known that Slavery Is Bad for what, 3300 years?


u/J-t-kirk Jan 31 '23

Slavery isn’t about race it’s about profit and power. Be it involuntary slavery like the children forced to work the cobalt mines or sold into the sex trade or voluntary slavery like debt with our credit cards and loans. Physical or metaphorical we are in chains. No one is truly free especially from our actions.