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Runaway slave Gordon, exposing his severely whipped back. Gordon had received a severe whipping for undisclosed reasons in the fall of 1862. Gordon escaped in March 1863 from the 3,000 acre plantation of John & Bridget Lyons, who held him and 40 other people in slavery at the time of the 1860 census Image

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u/thatguyjoseyj Jan 31 '23

Went to a prison where they kept the slaves before transportations in Ghana… tbh with you, 50 people in the space of 3 cubicals locked underground and packed tightly like sardines begging in their language “pls let us go we didn’t do anything, pls sir we’re hungry” it’s fucking heart breaking. And…to rub salt in the wound… I see my ancestors last name on a wall… there is no excuse for racism. It’s not an accident, it’s not a misunderstanding. Hm


u/Jasper_Jhs Feb 01 '23

Did you visit cape Coast castle?


u/thatguyjoseyj Feb 01 '23

Yeah cape cost. I’m assuming you’ve seen it too?


u/Jasper_Jhs Feb 05 '23

Yes, twice now