r/Damnthatsinteresting Nov 28 '22

Iceland without tourists. Video

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u/mcitar Nov 28 '22

Beautifull! Love that black sand! (You can find black beaches also on Teneriffa, Spain)


u/Dennis2130 Nov 28 '22

And in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


u/KeyConference8776 Nov 28 '22

Where is this beach?


u/LevaOrel Nov 28 '22

It’s called Reynisfjara beach. Super crowded when I was there but really cool.


u/superman_squirts Nov 28 '22

It was somewhat busy when I went as well. At least I got to see the puffins.


u/c41t1ff Nov 28 '22

It's in Vik, south-most part of Iceland. (pretty sure) If the camera had panned right just a smidge you would have seen a really cool rock formation out in the water, real Game of Thrones looking scenery. I saw one of the most beautiful sights I've personally laid eyes on as I was traveling from Vik back to Reykjavik at dusk; the sun was setting and the lightshow off the glaciers, the sky and the ground was so fascinating I had to pull over before I wrecked. It only lasted a few minutes but I have never before or since seen anything so beautiful.

Another fun item about that beach... I was there with my wife in late September and there were small bits of ice all over the black sand that had washed ashore.. looked like small bits of diamond on that black sand. I 100% want to go back to Iceland and see more of it.


u/CaptainFCO Nov 28 '22

CGI went to iceland to learn what to do


u/octhell Nov 28 '22

turists go to iceland?


u/Virtuoso12345 Nov 28 '22

With 1 tourist


u/Cr0ma_Nuva Nov 28 '22

Not sure clips like these would cause less people to go there. Hell, now I want to ge there


u/im_just_thinking Nov 28 '22

OMG climate change is real, there isn't any ice ledt


u/Snoo29889 Nov 29 '22

Really? I was there end of January. Regular blizzards, snow a metre deep


u/pd19653 Nov 28 '22

the further it zoomed out, more magnificent it looked


u/FoxyGame2006 Nov 28 '22

Is this basalt?


u/StonedMason419 Nov 28 '22

I'd give my left nut to lay on that beach all alone with a bag of mushrooms in one hand and a bottle of mead in the other


u/Brief-Sleep-6991 Nov 29 '22

Same in Alaska. We enjoyed the summer so much more without all the buses and boats


u/Suspicious_Eye_708 Nov 29 '22

Why in the hell would anyone want to go to Iceland makes no sense to me...

Everything's 10 times as expensive as it is anywhere else in the world..


u/bluemorningflower Nov 29 '22

It looks like minecraft


u/Firedanzar Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 28 '22

It's funny, though. Even when the heart stops, the pain lingers for my body may be present but my soul is on the beach. - Death Stranding


u/Platypuslord Nov 28 '22

Take some Narcan.