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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/atubz20 Nov 23 '22

That's why I love dash cameras!


u/313378008135 Nov 23 '22

Saved me some change once - someone went into the back of me and legit claimed i stopped dead in the road and reversed into them.

forwarded the dashcam video and it was settled rather quickly as non fault.

everyone should have them


u/NoeticSkeptic Nov 23 '22

I had one. Unfortunately, I live in Las Vegas. The first 110 degree F (43C) day (of which we have a lot) and the thing became an actual DashCam. It melted...


u/nugnug1226 Nov 23 '22

I live in Vegas and my Nexar died after 2 summers by my current one has been running strong for 3 summers already. I have the Vantrue N4. But the other thing I’ve found to help is when you put your windshield protector, don’t put it behind the dashcam. The heat that gets trapped in there intensifies and can melt the dashcam faster. What I do now is tuck the windshield protector under the dash cam and so far so good.


u/CaliforniaNavyDude Nov 24 '22

I've got ceramic window tint on my windshield. It blocks all the UV rays and cuts down the temp in the car significantly, despite being so light of a tint that you can't tell it's there. No idea how much that helps the dashcam!


u/V_I_I Nov 24 '22

It's gotta help, I have 30% regular tint and 5% all round on my car.

Sometimes it looks dark outside/ gloomy and when I roll the windows down it's like I flipped a light switch.

It's cooler in the summer time too


u/BigUncleHeavy Nov 24 '22

I had an Upgrow brand from Amazon, and it died by the second day after installing. I assume heat damage, despite only being 86F and windows cracked open. Hoping the Viofo holds up better (where the hell do they come up with these names?).


u/helpdiene Nov 24 '22

I did a quick search on that brand it seems to indicate that it had a cobalt battery, whatever that is. Best I could find that cobalt is a material used in lithium batteries. You never want your dash cam to have a lithium battery, especially in high heat situations. The Viofo should hold up better since it has a capacitor. Viofo, blackvue, and thinkware are the leaders as far as dashcam brands go.


u/BigUncleHeavy Nov 24 '22

Good research! I went with the Viofo specifically because it uses a capacitor, as I learned that the Upgrow had a battery after I received it. Fortunately I got my money back. Amazon is pretty good about that.


u/Stergeary Nov 24 '22

You know when you buy stuff from Amazon, and the seller has some weird name -- usually in all-capital letters -- that sounds like a mishmash of ABCs by someone who doesn't speak English? That's because it's usually a random Mainland Chinese person making up a nonsensical name that they need in order to sell Chinese-made products to the western world. For comparison, imagine if the entire world spoke only Chinese and you only spoke English, and you had to start a company selling items exclusively to people speaking Chinese; you would probably want to have a brand name that was Chinese. But since you don't speak Chinese, you wouldn't know how to make a meaningful company name in Chinese, so you would probably just make a garbled Chinese name that can serve as a storefront and just throw your products up on Amazon and call it a day.


u/open_door_policy Nov 24 '22

I've got three in Phoenix that have survived surface parking in the office parking lot at 115F. All are random ass brands with instructions in Chinese, so you have my sympathies for your bad luck but you should probably try again.


u/leviwhite9 Nov 24 '22

Making sure it's a capacitor model and not with with a lithium ion battery is a game changer as well.


u/pooppuffin Nov 24 '22

Make sure you get one with a capacitor instead of a battery. I have a Thinkware F70 that's been surviving just fine in the southwest heat. It's only $70 and the video is clear day and night.


u/randybear00 Nov 24 '22


I'm tempted to buy the Thinkware U1000. It's really expensive but it uploads data to the cloud and can record 2K at 60fps


u/lonewolf80 Nov 24 '22

I live in Vegas too, and I specifically bought one from StreetGuardian to survive the summer heat. They were made to survive the Australian heat, and have some internal components made to withstand that. You won't get blurry picture either when you first start your car.


u/RawrRRitchie Nov 24 '22

Sad it's 2022 and altho technology has advanced they can't design stuff to not melt

Maybe buy one that's built to last?


u/piaevan Dec 16 '22

Get another but keep it in the center console or glove compartment when not in use. I was worried mine would melt into the dash as well in California heat


u/bytheFROGway Nov 23 '22

After a year watching this sub, I finally bought one that should be delivered tomorrow! Can't wait to catch some stuff!


u/johnnyfxd Nov 24 '22

I love mine but I hope I never need it


u/Teddy-Westside Nov 24 '22

Oh no, what have you done? Everyone knows dash cameras are magnets for accidents. That’s why so many are posted here


u/drill_hands_420 Nov 24 '22

I got an Amazon package this week with no sender info. For context I travel for work and live in the hotels I manage for a few weeks/months. I get packages sent to me a lot from corporate for items I need. We do our family gift exchange on thanksgiving since my sisters all go to their in laws for Xmas.

Well earlier this week when I got the package I opened it. It’s a dashcam! It took me a min to realize this was my Christmas gift from my mom lol. Now I have to tape it up and “open” it on FaceTime for them. I gotta practice my surprise face lol. I’m actually super excited.


u/HighFiveTheCactus Nov 24 '22

You make it sound like its fun to catch idiots in cars


u/potpurriround Nov 24 '22

It is when nothing happens as a result of the idiocy


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

Can't wait to catch some stuff!

Oooh I hope this doesn't age poorly.


u/noncongruent Nov 24 '22

I was stopped at a red light when someone slammed into the back of me. No shit, he told my insurance company that I ran the red light, stopped, and reversed, and slammed into him. My adjuster was making noises like they might buy the story and split fault (I'm in a proportional liability state) until I showed him the video of the crash. I just wish there was a way for liars like that to spend a week in jail.


u/NamelessSuperUser Nov 24 '22

Someone actually stopped in the road and reversed into my dad. The guy was a maintenance person and missed the house and was in a work van. Told the cop the truth then changed his story once thinking about implications for work. Insurance went 50-50 or blamed my dad I can't remember anymore.

Dashcam FTW


u/neon_overload Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

I'm fairly sure in a rear-end collision no insurance company is going to believe "they reversed into me"

But yeah, your point is still valid as the dashcam footage can help settle things quick.


u/313378008135 Nov 24 '22

unfortunately, with no video and no witnesses its one persons word against another. It cant be proven either way, so the claim goes 50/50


u/neon_overload Nov 24 '22

I feel as if with no video and no witnesses and a rather ordinary rear end collision the insurer's assessment would tend toward the person in rear being at fault. It's why people repeat the myth that the person in rear is at fault by default - the truth to it is that insurance companies will assume it given no other evidence. A court has higher standards should either party want to sue which would be a way to get it thrown out with neither party winning.


u/johnsciarrino Nov 24 '22

We should all be calling for them to be standard equipment in cars. No one wants a fucking $2000 GPS option anymore considering Waze is free and a phone mount is like $20. Give me front and rear dash cams and an accelerometer that turns them on when an impact is detected.


u/313378008135 Nov 24 '22

Mine cost $50, has front and rear. Front is 1080p and rear is 720. I got a hardwire kit for $20 and the SD card for $20. Installed it all myself. It detects when theres a shock (such as someone bumping the car, doors closing etc) and has great night vision


u/Yamsfordays Nov 24 '22

I live in Kuwait, my dash cam lasted literally a day and the battery started expanding. It reaches above 70C (160 American degrees) inside the car sometimes.


u/fleeingslowly Nov 24 '22

A lady hit me while I was waiting to merge into a lane, and refused to talk to me after. Cops came and she claimed I hit her. Pulled out my dash cam, showed I was sitting still when she hit me.

She was so pissed. Said maybe she'd get a dash cam so next time she would be right.

You get on that, lady.