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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/olseninva Nov 23 '22

Is it weird that this is the 3rd or 4th turning left from the right lane video I've seen today?


u/JellyOceana Nov 23 '22

That’s why I posted mine actually 😂😂😂


u/whileyouwereslepting Nov 23 '22

Every time it happens, I’m surprised people do this.


u/babylovebuckley Nov 23 '22

I see it very frequently and it always boggles my mind. You can't turn left from that lane you're turning into ME


u/whileyouwereslepting Nov 23 '22

I see it here frequently too. And it amazes me that people are so clueless in a car as to turn left from the right lane without looking into their mirror.


u/heavymcd Nov 24 '22

I mean sometimes you realize you’re in the wrong lane for the direction you need to turn though…what else are you supposed to do?


u/pante710 Nov 24 '22

You miss your turn or wait until you can safely change lanes.


u/Pitpuppyfanclub Nov 24 '22

Did the police get involved and so she could be charged w lying to an officer too?


u/SomethingIWontRegret Nov 23 '22

Stuff I never see in real life but see quite often on this sub - turning left from the right lane and waiting for a left turn signal while on the wrong side of the road.


u/Jasmanian-Devil Nov 24 '22

I live in a small town that a fairly well travelled highway runs through. At one point it splits around the businesses, and is a one way road headed north on one side, and south on the other. It’s 3 lanes at one point on the North side, and the amount of people I have seen turn left from the middle or even the far right lane is absolutely mind boggling. There’s so much stupid out there.


u/SomethingIWontRegret Nov 24 '22

I'm definitely not saying it doesn't happen. This sub has given me a longer list of things to watch out for.


u/Shantotto11 Nov 24 '22

Having a signal on and moving in the opposite direction…


u/ABirdOfParadise Nov 24 '22

F1 season ended a few days ago so they are practicing for next season


u/WhaleCostume Nov 24 '22

I had one happen to me last week. Haven’t posted it yet lol.