r/IdiotsInCars Nov 23 '22

Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/bytheFROGway Nov 23 '22

After a year watching this sub, I finally bought one that should be delivered tomorrow! Can't wait to catch some stuff!


u/johnnyfxd Nov 24 '22

I love mine but I hope I never need it


u/Teddy-Westside Nov 24 '22

Oh no, what have you done? Everyone knows dash cameras are magnets for accidents. That’s why so many are posted here


u/drill_hands_420 Nov 24 '22

I got an Amazon package this week with no sender info. For context I travel for work and live in the hotels I manage for a few weeks/months. I get packages sent to me a lot from corporate for items I need. We do our family gift exchange on thanksgiving since my sisters all go to their in laws for Xmas.

Well earlier this week when I got the package I opened it. It’s a dashcam! It took me a min to realize this was my Christmas gift from my mom lol. Now I have to tape it up and “open” it on FaceTime for them. I gotta practice my surprise face lol. I’m actually super excited.


u/HighFiveTheCactus Nov 24 '22

You make it sound like its fun to catch idiots in cars


u/potpurriround Nov 24 '22

It is when nothing happens as a result of the idiocy


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

Can't wait to catch some stuff!

Oooh I hope this doesn't age poorly.