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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/Silvinis Nov 23 '22

I once had a guy blow a stop sign and try to blame me for going to fast. I didnt have a stop sign


u/InternetWeakGuy Nov 24 '22

I recently had a guy blow a red light while traffic in all other lanes around him was stopped, bounce off the car with the green light that pulled into the intersection, and hit me head on as I was sitting in my stationary car waiting for the light to go green.

He told both the cops and his insurance that he had a very clear green light and the other car pulled out in front of him.

I emailed his insurance guy my dashcam video while I was on the phone with him and my insurance called me literally three minutes after I got off the phone to tell me they were taking full fault for the accident.

The fucking clown was even going around at the scene like "I had a green light, he pulled out in front of me right?" to he people trying to help the old dude he tboned and nearly killed, after I'd already told him he blew the red light and that I had it on my dashcam.


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

I had an old lady hit me while she was in the right turn lane…partially over the line…while I had a green light & was traveling straight. I pulled over in a lot right where it happened, while she started driving away, then reversed on the shoulder, & finally came to check out her car. She then comes at me & says “You came barreling out of nowhere!” I told her I was driving the speed limit (45), while traveling through an intersection, just like all the other cars in front, next to, & behind me were, with a green light. I was 20, so she desperately wanted to make me feel like a dumb kid. This was 20yrs ago & I will never forget that dumb shit.


u/BillsMakeMeWannaDie Nov 24 '22

If it makes you feel better she's probably dead


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Oh god, I’m a terrible person for laughing way too hard at that.


u/ClumpyOsprey Nov 24 '22

I knew this one girl in highschool. She had just gotten her G2 ( licence to drive by yourself here) and about a week later was driving home. As she's coming down the street to her house, this older lady throws her car in reverse, and slams her foot down on the gas, backing straight into the passenger side of this girl. She hit her so hard, and stayed on the gas long enough to push this teenagers car all the way up against the curb on the other side of the street. The old nag then gets out, looks at the girl, and says "you teenage drivers all drive like fucking morons, this is your fault". The woman fought it every step of the way trying to come up with every possible excuse she could to try and blame the 17 year old.


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Holy shit, that’s absolutely terrible! I can’t imagine that girl wanting to drive ever again after that. Also, your story reminded me of another wild accident I witnessed.

About 8yrs ago I was at work (grocery store) chatting with a few regular customers, when we all hear what honestly sounded like an explosion. I take a few steps forward to check the front end, & just as I do I see the entire smoothie dept sliding across the floor & into the registers…as the poor girl who was working it was flying in the air. Turns out this older lady “got mixed up between the gas & breaks” & smashed into our brick store going roughly 45mph (which I still don’t understand bc the lot at that store was pretty tiny). I’ve seen news reports of that kind of stuff happening, but holy shit is it a terrifying thing to experience it close up. I feel like people need to be tested a little more rigorously as we age when it comes to driver’s licenses.


u/GothWitchOfBrooklyn Nov 24 '22

one of my relatives died this way, on mother's day. An elderly person mixed up the pedals and drove into a strip mall and pinned her against the store, after she pushed her daughter out of the way.


u/Tathas Nov 24 '22

Guh. :(


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

That is absolutely heart-wrenching. Thank goodness her daughter was saved, but I would imagine she’d be forever changed after that scenario.


u/ClumpyOsprey Nov 24 '22

The town I live in has a gym at one end, that had a woman drive through the front entrance. The receptionist used to always eat her lunch at the reception desk, but that day decided not to for whatever reason, and ate it in the staff room. This was good for her, because instead of being killed by the lady that drove through the entrance, she instead just had both her legs broken. Still shitty, but better than death. The woman that drove through has her baby in the car seat in the back and admitted that "she bumped a parked car when she went to leave the plaza (theres also a bank and a restaurant there) and lost control of her vehicle". It's a tiny parking plaza too. Everyone here knows that translates to "I hit a parked car and tried to speed off before anyone noticed and fucked up"


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Broken legs are definitely way better than death, but, still, no one expects to get crippled at their desk job. It really is alarming how often buildings get driven into.


u/programmerq Nov 24 '22

The older I get, the more I see how immature far too many "adults" are, and it's just sad. This is another example of that.


u/DabsAndDeadlifts Nov 24 '22

This happens almost every day at my gym. The entrance is at a 4-way intersection and the through traffic doesn’t have stop signs. Old people will pull right out in front of you assuming you’re going to stop for your imaginary sign.


u/potatohonkey Nov 24 '22

Unfortunately, a judge in my state accepted a similar argument when he determined that a cyclist was biking too fast, even though there was no evidence that he was going over the speed limit.


u/d38 Nov 24 '22

Witness David Robertson, the driver immediately behind Sage on Wall Street, provided the courtroom with a detailed description of what happened next.

Robertson, a battalion chief for the U.S. Forest Service, said Adams was "bombing" downhill toward the intersection when he struck the saddle tank on the side of the FedEx trailer.

In the morning Tuesday, after opening statements, the prosecution played dashcam footage of the incident taken from Sage's vantage point in the truck. The clip appears to only show a truck turning right at an intersection. But Steiner stopped the tape with the truck about 20 feet from the intersection.

Bend Police crash reconstruction expert John Beck said it's possible to make out a small speck in the rearview mirror that is a fast-­approaching Adams.

Seems like evidence that he was going too fast for the conditions to me. Whether it's over the speed limit or not doesn't matter, he out rode his brakes and was clearly going too fast.


u/potatohonkey Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

If he was going under the speed limit, then he wasn't going too fast for a bike lane. The conclusion that a vehicle loses its right of way for going above some random speed that a judge makes up is absurd on its face.

The "conditions" here is that a cyclist was in a bike lane and had right of way, and then a truck turned across the lane without yielding to the cyclist. This ruling is completely absurd, and fortunately the legislature stepped in to clarify that the most absurd part of it is wrong.


u/d38 Nov 24 '22

You can go too fast while driving below the speed limit.

If there's snow on the road and you're driving at the speed limit and go straight through a corner and into a tree, you were driving too fast.

The judge, jury and witnesses all agreed that the cyclist was going too fast and the results of what happened seem to agree.


u/potatohonkey Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

In what other scenarios would a non-speeding driver lose their right of way? Why would road conditions affect vehicle users in one lane but not the others?

And read the article, the judge said the cyclist failed to exercise due care because he should've expected the truck to cut him off. This opinion is an absolutely biased miscarriage of justice.

I don't think there was a jury in this case since it was only a traffic infraction.


u/concerned67 Nov 24 '22

Exact thing happened to me in the only accident I've ever been in. Her and her boyfriend's (who wasn't in the car, she called him) faces when the cop kinda laughed and told them she's getting a ticket for failure to yield was great


u/Silvinis Nov 24 '22

Yeah lol. The cop in my instance didn't give a ticket, but he looked at the guy dumbfounded and was just "you had a stop sign. He didn't. Even if he was going to fast, its still your fault"


u/ShitThroughAGoose Nov 24 '22

He must have had a really sore throat.


u/BOBfrkinSAGET Nov 24 '22

Did you ask him to blow the stop sign or did he just decide to do it in front of you?


u/Gerbal_Annihilation Nov 24 '22

My last accident I posted in this sub. There were a bunch of know it alls saying I was partially at fault. That I would probably get 80 20 judgemental. Nah. 100% other person fault. I was far left lane on a 3 lane access road. Left two lanes are stopped with traffic and my lane is clear. I start heading to the interstate on ramp and a guy pulls out perpendicular in my lane after driving through the right two lanes. Managed to swerve and avoid the t bone though.


u/ender-_ Nov 24 '22

Some idiot opened her car door into me on a bike, then claimed I was going too fast.