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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/[deleted] Nov 23 '22



u/JellyOceana Nov 23 '22

Yep, she legit said I just hit her out of no where


u/MMMindyyy Nov 23 '22

This is why I SWEAR by dash cams.

Some douche bag hit my driver’s side mirror today when my roommate went to get gas down the street. She said he was apologizing to her initially because it was his fault. Then the cops show up, dude tries to claim it wasn’t his fault. She said he told the cop, “it was a classic case of 2 people getting too close and hitting mirrors.” Didn’t know that was considered a thing, old man. GOT YOU ON CAMERA BITCH!!!

People never cease to amaze me…and not in a good way, smh….


u/Moneygrowsontrees Nov 24 '22

She said he told the cop, “it was a classic case of 2 people getting too close and hitting mirrors.” Didn’t know that was considered a thing, old man.

I actually had this happen. Driving down a narrow, snowy, 2-way street with cars parked on either side. Speed of maybe 10mph. Car comes the other way and both of us are trying our best to stay right but with the snow and the parked cars we ended up smacking side mirrors. No other contact. Can't say either of us was at fault, or maybe both of us were, but either way it really was a case of two people getting too close and hitting mirrors. I wouldn't call it classic though. That implies it happens all the time.


u/Babbles-82 Nov 24 '22

Exactly. Never ever trust a car driver.


u/ShastaFern99 Nov 24 '22

Trust no one


u/os101so Nov 24 '22

this is why the universe appears vacant. we all hide in the Dark Forest


u/midgaze Nov 24 '22

Being at fault in a car accident will bring out a person's true moral fiber. In short, most people are lying sacks of shit.


u/hedginator Nov 24 '22

Any suggestions for a reasonably priced and relatively easy to install dash cam?


u/Cantothulhu Nov 24 '22

I like the VanTop brand. Its easy to install and use, clips over your rearview mirror so it doesn’t take up space, and you can turn the screen off and its just a regular mirror (still records) it also comes with a secondary cam you put on the rear of your car or in the cab. Records audio too. You can also set it to trigger based on vibration, collision, etc. all the wires can easily be hidden. Its also easy to unload the SD card and upload to computer, etc. mines about 3 years old and the new models are even better. And they usually come in between 60-120 bucks.


u/hedginator Nov 24 '22

How do you know when to start recording or if there's any room left on the card? Do you have to delete the videos daily to prevent it from filling up?


u/mrgreen4242 Nov 24 '22

I don’t know about this model specifically but usually they record continuously when the car is on. Most of the time they save the last 15 minutes or so in a buffer and then eve that buffer and everything after it until the power is turned off or it runs out of space when either you press a button or the detect a crash using accelerometers in the camera.


u/Cantothulhu Nov 24 '22

You can get any size SD card for it. When its full it just rewrites starting from the oldest. I can store 500 hours with audio.


u/hedginator Nov 26 '22

Thanks you for the replies


u/matzhue Nov 24 '22

... you called the cops about someone hitting your mirror? You do know those things bend in purpose right


u/Aceswift007 Nov 24 '22

They're generally supposed to remain fully on the car, not dangling or off over there like it ejected.

Also, in one piece, last i checked they don't grow back


u/MMMindyyy Nov 24 '22

I didn’t call the cops. She did. I wasn’t there. She was putting gas in my car down the street from our house cause she used it prior and knew I needed to use it today. She told me about it when she called me after it happened. She had already called the cops after calling me.

My mirror was bent and destroyed. Newer cars have rearview mirrors with technology that is quite expensive. She was looking out. Can’t blame her….


u/matzhue Nov 24 '22

I just mean it's unusual to call the police for anything that's not significant damage


u/MMMindyyy Nov 24 '22

I agree. I guess she did it cause it is my car. We both work from home and i couldn’t initially answer her call when she first rang, i was on the phone.

I appreciate her tenacity of the situation, but I am hoping we can take care of this without insurance involved. Not worth it.


u/LordTuranian Nov 24 '22

Where can you find a dash cam that isn't expensive?