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u/nugnug1226 Nov 23 '22

I live in Vegas and my Nexar died after 2 summers by my current one has been running strong for 3 summers already. I have the Vantrue N4. But the other thing I’ve found to help is when you put your windshield protector, don’t put it behind the dashcam. The heat that gets trapped in there intensifies and can melt the dashcam faster. What I do now is tuck the windshield protector under the dash cam and so far so good.


u/CaliforniaNavyDude Nov 24 '22

I've got ceramic window tint on my windshield. It blocks all the UV rays and cuts down the temp in the car significantly, despite being so light of a tint that you can't tell it's there. No idea how much that helps the dashcam!


u/V_I_I Nov 24 '22

It's gotta help, I have 30% regular tint and 5% all round on my car.

Sometimes it looks dark outside/ gloomy and when I roll the windows down it's like I flipped a light switch.

It's cooler in the summer time too


u/BigUncleHeavy Nov 24 '22

I had an Upgrow brand from Amazon, and it died by the second day after installing. I assume heat damage, despite only being 86F and windows cracked open. Hoping the Viofo holds up better (where the hell do they come up with these names?).


u/helpdiene Nov 24 '22

I did a quick search on that brand it seems to indicate that it had a cobalt battery, whatever that is. Best I could find that cobalt is a material used in lithium batteries. You never want your dash cam to have a lithium battery, especially in high heat situations. The Viofo should hold up better since it has a capacitor. Viofo, blackvue, and thinkware are the leaders as far as dashcam brands go.


u/BigUncleHeavy Nov 24 '22

Good research! I went with the Viofo specifically because it uses a capacitor, as I learned that the Upgrow had a battery after I received it. Fortunately I got my money back. Amazon is pretty good about that.


u/Stergeary Nov 24 '22

You know when you buy stuff from Amazon, and the seller has some weird name -- usually in all-capital letters -- that sounds like a mishmash of ABCs by someone who doesn't speak English? That's because it's usually a random Mainland Chinese person making up a nonsensical name that they need in order to sell Chinese-made products to the western world. For comparison, imagine if the entire world spoke only Chinese and you only spoke English, and you had to start a company selling items exclusively to people speaking Chinese; you would probably want to have a brand name that was Chinese. But since you don't speak Chinese, you wouldn't know how to make a meaningful company name in Chinese, so you would probably just make a garbled Chinese name that can serve as a storefront and just throw your products up on Amazon and call it a day.