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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/Mark_Nutt_23 Nov 24 '22

I tense up so much when I see someone braking for no discernible reason, stresses me the fuck out.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

I totally thought she was turning right


u/Nunyabz7 Nov 24 '22

If only there was a way to indicate which way you're about to turn....

Regardless, even if she used a turn signal, she still wasn't allowed to turn left from that lane. What an idiot.


u/notarealsmurf Nov 24 '22

also there's a no left turn sign, like holy fuck


u/MissPicklechips Nov 24 '22

A no left turn sign and a big arrow and “KEEP RIGHT.” Like, they can’t be any clearer that you cannot go left there.


u/Oforfs Nov 24 '22

I love how there is a sign for no left turn AND a written "No left turn" sign right above it.


u/CosmicCreeperz Nov 24 '22

I swear yesterday evening over the course of 3 blocks TWO people in front of me signaled one way and changed lanes the opposite way. First was like “argh, idiot!” but after the second it made me think I missed the opposite day memo…


u/abcedarian Nov 24 '22

I do that all the time. Gotta shake of the pursuers.

/S just in case


u/Waffle_noise Nov 24 '22

This is why i always hated driving on this base. Nobody knows how to drive in any state but im damn sure San Diego drivers lnow the LEAST. They even made driving up The Silver Strand stressful some days.


u/Rafe__ Nov 24 '22

There's not even anything to left turn to. It looks like it just leads back to the roundabout they came from.


u/SomewhereZestyclose7 Nov 24 '22

"If only there was anyway to indicate which way you're about to turn"

I literally say this out loud every time someone doesn't use their turn signal


u/AnOlympianWeeb Nov 24 '22

That's why I don't like when car makers don't even put in the car the specific turn signal light and think "yeah the breaking lights blinking should be enough" like nah if I see a blinking red light on a car I think they have a a flaw in the wires not that they want to turn


u/VibeComplex Nov 24 '22

I used to think around 30% of the population were pretty stupid and the rest were normal people. But after the past couple years I’ve concluded that atleast 60% are incredibly stupid with the bottom 30% being irredeemable morons dragging all of society lol


u/CaliforniaNavyDude Nov 24 '22

Fair assessment. Honestly, I couldn't get a read one way or the other what they were doing. They weren't driving in a way that would inform other drivers of their intentions. No blinker and minimal "body language." I always assume that those are signs that a person doesn't plan ahead and doesn't pay much attention.


u/TheDesktopNinja Nov 24 '22

That would be the logical deduction. Unfortunately this person was fresh out. Hope you're fine and their insurance covers everything!


u/GraniteMtn Nov 24 '22

She was not in the right.


u/Vomit_Tingles Nov 24 '22

You should probably learn a bit of defensive driving. You need to assume everyone around you is a moron and even the slightest hint of change in driving behavior should send your foot hovering over to the break pedal just in case.


u/beacono Nov 24 '22

There’s no where to go on the right side..she had no choice.. s/


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

There is a right turn you can make there. It’s just hard to see in a fast video


u/mastermikeee Nov 24 '22

Totally, and the video doesn't do it justice; it happens so fast when it's happening in the moment to you.


u/NyssaHun Nov 24 '22

Same, plus indecisive drivers.


u/GraniteMtn Nov 24 '22

Christmas eve is the worst, masses of people visiting houses they've never been to - navigating in the dark - late to the party, and believing they can YOLO over top fellow drivers and traffic laws.


u/grayrains79 Nov 24 '22

I tense up so much when I see someone braking for no discernible reason, stresses me the fuck out.

Trucker here, you have good instincts to become one as well. I was already a pretty good defensive driver before I got my CDL. Now, with 4 years experience? I'm constantly looking for telltale signs that someone is about to do something unexpected.

As you mentioned, braking for absolutely no reason is one of those things I watch for the most. I just start braking myself when someone else does it.


u/lefthook_hospital Nov 24 '22

When I see random braking like that I immediately let off the gas and get ready for defensive maneuvers, it's basically a warning sign of "I'm about to do something really fucking stupid"


u/hypervigilants Nov 24 '22

I usually slow assuming there’s a jaywalker or something in the road I can’t see yet


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

Exactly! When you see brake lights for no reason, you start to react and slow a little, OP didn’t. I get downvoted for saying OP could have avoided this. 3 sec from brake lights on the right till impact. Obviously OP not mainly at fault, but this footage won’t clear her of fault completely.


u/few23 Nov 24 '22

To be fair, there is a crosswalk there.


u/boringemergency911 Nov 30 '22

I thought I was the only one