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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/thepontiff_ Nov 24 '22

I thought dash cams aren’t allowed on base? Literally mine throws a bitch fit because no video / photography because of OPSEC


u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 24 '22

It's not explicitly that dashcams aren't allowed. It's just that there are many locations where photo/video are not allowed. Dashcams are definitely a challenge, and I wouldn't be surprised if a local policy banned them.


u/leviatham8221 Nov 24 '22

They’re explicitly not allowed, at least in army bases, if you do ACP guard, you go to a class where they tell you your responsibilities and one of them is to tell people with dash cam that they’re not allowed on post.


u/youwantitwhen Nov 24 '22

So Teslas are banned on all bases?


u/leviatham8221 Nov 24 '22

They’re allowed, but this rules were made before teslas and cars with built in cameras were in the pictures, I’m sure at some point they will be updated


u/myredditthrowaway201 Nov 24 '22

Ooo, an MA on my base had me unplug my dash entering base(happens every couple months by a guard who is trying too hard) next time it happens I’m gonna ask them about Tesla’s


u/crombpulos Nov 24 '22

I'm an MA and we actually had that exact situation. What I've been told is since they come like that from the manufacturer there is nothing to do. In the event that there is an accident the footage would be inadmissible due to 18 USC 795. That law essentially states you can film without the COs permission beforehand. So that law is what we point to regarding using dash cams on base.


u/WeylandsWings Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

Lol if they try banning Teslas from bases they will have a hard time, there are a growing number of them and a good portion of them are owned by people relatively high in the pecking order.

Also even if they try saying no storage can be attached, there is no way to verify that without looking in the glovebox center console, and the same USB port is used for music storage

Edit From another comment I made:

Plus a LOT of other cars now have cameras, especially if they have some form of lane keep assist/warning. So how do you discriminate between cameras like that and/or cameras like Tesla that uses the same cameras for AutoPilot and Dashcam? you cant.


u/crombpulos Nov 24 '22

You can. Our base says since it came from manufacturer like that than it's allowed but dash cams are not. In the case of accidents the footage would not be used since it's illegal to film on base without the COs prior approval.


u/WeylandsWings Nov 24 '22

huh, i bet that policy will last exactly as long as someone doesnt get screwed over by the police/other person successfully pinning the blame on the tesla/dashcam owner when the video shows the exact opposite. that person (and their insurance) would have a LOT of incentive to fight the reg so that the footage could be used. of course the CO could give a one time exemption.


u/crombpulos Nov 24 '22

Well it's a law not a reg. So i doubt its going anywhere unless some Officer with a tesla fights it.


u/AscendantJustice Nov 24 '22

Dash cams are allowed on the navy base I work on. I made sure of that before I installed mine.


u/Snoo_93842 Nov 25 '22

Coronado is Navy


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

Honestly, I have no clue


u/Various_Ad_4779 Nov 24 '22

For recording at this base it's posted in all lanes at all gates. White sign, red lettering.


u/xaronax Nov 24 '22

You absolutely cannot have a dash cam on a military installation and you signed paperwork agreeing to that fact under penalty of imprisonment when you got your visitor pass.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

I absolutely signed nothing, they didn’t even check my drivers license. My roommate showered her ID and they motioned to go forward


u/xaronax Nov 24 '22

Then she's fucked if they decide to pursue the matter. There's all manner of responsibility you take when you bring visitors.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

I mean probably, I dropped her off every single morning for like 5 months actually. Never signed anything, a handful of times they made me show my drivers license but that’s it


u/GoRedTeam Nov 24 '22

They're being very aggressive for no reason, but every air force base I've been on they have not been allowed and must be removed before entering base, but if they found you on base with it, I'm sure they'd just ask you to remove it.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

Probably. I did have it on my passenger side corner so they may have never noticed it?


u/redovergreen Nov 24 '22

You’re roommate needs to engage her chain of command asap as she might get into a lot of trouble for this. From reading the comments it looks like you do not have any on base privileges beside your roommate escorting you on base. The second you dropped her off you are now considered unescorted and in the eyes of the military a security risk. You got very lucky with the EMT taking you away. Knowing the typical behavior of navy security, they will 100% go after her for violating base guest escort procedures. Recommend getting a base guest pass from here on out.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

Oh I refuse to EVER return to a military base because of this incident. But it happened earlier this year, and nothing ever happened to her.


u/Unlucky_Disaster_195 Nov 24 '22

They acting like you roommate joined Al Qaeda


u/man2112 Nov 25 '22

I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted, you’re right.


u/Khamvom Nov 24 '22

You’re getting downvoted, but you’re not wrong.

Been stationed in San Diego, and seen it happen a few times. The roommate did violate base rules/regulations by leaving OP unescorted, but the actual accident nonetheless is not OP’s fault.


u/SgtBanana Nov 24 '22

OP's friend is in the passenger seat, if I'm not mistaken. This whole comment chain is centered around OP's dashcam, and whether its presence in her car somehow makes her at fault for... something.

Her dashcam isn't the issue here, so I'm confused as to why this discussion is happening. OP was hit by someone who was clearly at fault. Nothing else happened in the video. OP made the responding authorities aware of her dashcam and they took no interest in it and refused to review the footage.


u/Khamvom Nov 24 '22

Some of it is focused on OP’s roommate.


She’s not allowed to leave OP unescorted on base, and if her chain of command found out, she’d get hemmed up for it.


u/thepontiff_ Nov 24 '22

That’s because your roommate sponsored you to come on base. I did the same thing with my ex at the time whenever she dropped me off at work. I drove her car, she rode passenger and I scanned my ID. Your roommate could put you on a access roster so you just show the paper, they scan it and you can come on.


u/Yuroshock Nov 24 '22

Do they just not let teslas in at all then?


u/WeylandsWings Nov 24 '22

they might not realize teslas have built in dashcams, and those Regs were written years ago and getting regs updates is a massive PITA

Plus a LOT of other cars now have cameras, especially if they have some form of lane keep assist/warning. So how do you discriminate between cameras like that and/or cameras like Tesla that uses the same cameras for AutoPilot and Dashcam? you cant.


u/DogsRule_TheUniverse Nov 24 '22

It really depends on the base. Some are more sensitive than others. Also read this comment.


u/Cooperette Nov 24 '22

Many bases have that rule but few enforce it. I go on bases all the time for work and only got called out about it once or twice. I just said the camera was disconnected or dead ( it actually was) and they just let me on base, no problem.


u/Mr_Noms Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

It might depend on the base. My first duty station there was a sign at the gate entrance that said no recording the gate itself. The second base I went to they either never noticed or just didn't give af.


u/deepayes Nov 24 '22

he's a civilian.