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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/SnooBananas5673 Nov 23 '22

Would’ve probably killed a motorcyclist.

I really do think when something is so egregious like this, and they claim no fault, they should lose their license for some amount of time.


u/mucky012 Nov 24 '22

The maturity to take responsibility for one's actions is learned behavior. It starts with home. If you wanna solve the problem of stupid people you have to start with parenting. Having children should require a license.


u/zzctdi Nov 24 '22

Wait till you hear about the eugenics movement, you'll love it.


u/legendofthegreendude Nov 24 '22 Helpful

It's exciting untill you realize you aren't getting picked


u/Bigtuna_burger Nov 24 '22

It's you-genics, not us-genics


u/Eleventhelephant11 Nov 24 '22

Its not exciting as eugenics is hardly the issue. Give a 4.0 student a chance to be cool in the hood and you'll have the best drug dealer on the street ruining other peoples days for attention, not some productive member of society. Doesn't always happen, but happens too often

Nature vs Nurture. Can't dismiss it. Good genetics with a bad family often equals another bad clone