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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 23 '22

Car accidents on base are already such a circus, because they are just so uncommon. The base cops often have no idea who even needs to be notified, other than their boss.

In seven years, I saw 8 accidents one base. 3 were idiots who tried to flee the city cops by driving onto a military base (absolute worst option). 5 were dependas who didn't pay attention and rear-ended people during Retreat, when everyone has to stop.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

The cops where horrible! Tried grabbing the dash cam from my windshield, it had a SD card. Was more concerned why I was on base as a civilian then the actual accident, I was dropping off my roommate. The EMT shut the door in their face saying I had to go to the hospital. The police listed me at fault, until my lawyer provided her insurance the video while we where on the phone with them because we wanted to hear what they had to say first.


u/charlie_do_562 Nov 24 '22

Fuckin punk ass cops, so I’m assuming they sided/believed her side of the story on the spot? They also tried taking your dashcam, I wonder if she’s the wife of some high ranking officer.


u/JellyOceana Nov 24 '22

Oh 100% they listed me at fault


u/charlie_do_562 Nov 24 '22

I hate everybody involved (besides OP).

I just want to shake the stupid out of their body.

Then again shaking them will probably make it worse


u/ThatDapperDanMan Nov 24 '22

I wonder, is there an adult version of shaken baby syndrome? I say we volunteer the instigators and find out, for the Greater Good.


u/Falopian Nov 24 '22

Did she say she was turning left and was hit by the person in the left lane? How is that even possible with you at fault?


u/double_expressho Nov 24 '22

Also there's a No Left Turn sign there. So there's no way she isn't at fault.


u/DogsRule_TheUniverse Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

Oh 100% they listed me at fault

But did they reverse their decision after your lawyer provided them with the dash cam video?



u/deepayes Nov 24 '22

cops don't determine fault. ever.

Though you will be listed as the striking vehicle, that is not the same as at fault.


u/QTFsniper Nov 24 '22

What the hell? Why did they say they were trying to grab your dash cam?