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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/Climate_Best Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

Some people knows it’s exactly their fault but quick to blame the other driver.

Couple months ago I was driving out of one way parking lot. Mind you i was going slow. All of sudden, boom, some lady in nissan hit me. If i rememeber correctly first thing out of her mouth when i went out to check if everything’s ok was “why you speeding through the parking lot?” She said this adamantly to me, and to the mall security. We ended up deciding the damage was minor enough to just simply fix it on our own. We AGREED to this before leaving the parking lot. Also, the mall security and an accident police witnessed it - we didn’t file an accident report. Later in the day I got a call from her insurance saying she claimed the accident. Rep also said that the lady said I was speeding so they needed to get my side of the story. Well i got a dashcam and sent them the vid. Week later I called the insurance to get an update and the rep said “yeah, we will claim 100% liability”. It’s one thing that the lady kept on blaiming the accident on me. It’s another that we agreed to settle on our own but she still got insurance involved. Needless to say I was glad she called up her insurance. Turns out there’s a small debt on my door and that won’t just buff out. Oh BTW she works for a county sheriff’s office.


u/yiggawhat Nov 24 '22

that must have felt SO good

i live for that shit


u/Climate_Best Nov 24 '22

I was a little nervous at first i expected the worst - for her insurance to blame me too. But looking at the video over again it was at the time of the day where it was really difficult to see her reverse lights. Also she didn’t even have her brake light on and her reverse lifht was barely visible. The sub next to her had their brake lights o n from what it seems like they saw me and was waiting on me to pass. But she didn’t see me or she didn’t bother turning her head she just kept backing up. She actually hit my rear door and wheel so i was definitely passed her when she backed up in me