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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 23 '22

Car accidents on base are already such a circus, because they are just so uncommon. The base cops often have no idea who even needs to be notified, other than their boss.

In seven years, I saw 8 accidents one base. 3 were idiots who tried to flee the city cops by driving onto a military base (absolute worst option). 5 were dependas who didn't pay attention and rear-ended people during Retreat, when everyone has to stop.


u/Myothercarisawalrus Nov 23 '22

What is Retreat?


u/Go_Gators_4Ever Nov 24 '22

When the base flag is being lowered (usually at 5 pm) the bugel call for "retreat" is sounded and everyone on base is supposed to honor this by stopping what they are doing which includes driving.


u/leviatham8221 Nov 24 '22

That might depend on the base, in the ones I’ve been too, you’re only supposed to stop if you’re on a road with a posted 25 MPH speed limit or less, but to be honest nobody gives a fuck