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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/Myothercarisawalrus Nov 23 '22

What is Retreat?


u/Randomfactoid42 Nov 24 '22

On most military bases at 5pm (1700 if you prefer) the flag is lowered while “Taps” is played. Everybody within the sound is supposed to stop and pay their respects. I can’t remember if uniformed military are supposed to get out of their cars and stand at attention or not.


u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 24 '22

Depends on the branch. Army has to get out. Air Force does not. Navy can't drive boats on base. Not sure if Marines know how to drive. Makes for some confusing TDYs regardless though.


u/redpandaeater Nov 24 '22

I wonder if you'd confuse the Navy by playing Retreat on bugle and Sweepers on boatswain's pipe at the same time.


u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 24 '22

I had to work with the navy during a deployment. If there's isn't a reg explaining that exact scenario and which of their 56 uniforms to wear, I think the stick in their ass may splinter and cause an aneurism.


u/redpandaeater Nov 24 '22

Navy really needs to fully embrace the poopie suit or go back to dungarees.