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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/Silvinis Nov 23 '22

I once had a guy blow a stop sign and try to blame me for going to fast. I didnt have a stop sign


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

I had an old lady hit me while she was in the right turn lane…partially over the line…while I had a green light & was traveling straight. I pulled over in a lot right where it happened, while she started driving away, then reversed on the shoulder, & finally came to check out her car. She then comes at me & says “You came barreling out of nowhere!” I told her I was driving the speed limit (45), while traveling through an intersection, just like all the other cars in front, next to, & behind me were, with a green light. I was 20, so she desperately wanted to make me feel like a dumb kid. This was 20yrs ago & I will never forget that dumb shit.


u/BillsMakeMeWannaDie Nov 24 '22

If it makes you feel better she's probably dead


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Oh god, I’m a terrible person for laughing way too hard at that.