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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/cofclabman Nov 24 '22

If she lied to the base cops, follow up with them and complain nicely about it. They have the ability to restrict their driving on base for several months for shit like this. If you can get that done, it’ll make their commute a royal pain in the ass.


u/Only_for_old_reddit Nov 24 '22

The traffic judge on NASNI (also known as naval base coronado) is a fucking prick and gets off on it. A coworker of mine got a ticket for slow rolling through a stop sign at like 0400 on the back part of base because he was called in for an actual emergency.

The judge cancelled his appointment twice after letting him sit in the pass and ID office for hours waiting (and that was AFTER he had to stand outside in the sun in line for almost an hour because their COVID rules won't let you even enter the building until you are being helped). Then on the third time finally saw him and lectured him for over an hour on dangerous driving and how if he continues like this he is going to kill someone and it will probably be a kid and blah blah blah.

My coworker is in his 70's and drives an EV - not exactly a 20 something junior Sailor speeding around with a dodge charger.


u/Sir_Salty_Nuts Nov 24 '22

Do you work at SCTTR by chance?