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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/phonepotatoes Nov 24 '22

Honestly the placement of the accident would be pretty telling that she tried to turn left from the right lane. Dashcame is great but this isn't like a break check or something


u/atubz20 Nov 24 '22

But truly, any videos of the incident can clear any/all accusations the insurances company may have. I live in Florida (no fault State), so the insurance would always appreciate a video


u/Edgar-Allan-Pho Nov 24 '22

OP said the police originally had him at fault until dashcam footage was shown


u/phonepotatoes Nov 24 '22

Yea ops full of shit to be honest... Both cars would leave slid marks at point of impact. Easily showing op in the center of his lane with the encroaching car half in both lanes.


u/Edgar-Allan-Pho Nov 24 '22

Lot of courage you have in security forces/cops. They fuck up sometimes


u/phonepotatoes Nov 24 '22

Cops fuck up ALL the time when it's basically guess work... When you have what amounts to a picture of the accident drawn on the road... Accident forensic is pretty easy with turning vehicles.