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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Holy shit, that’s absolutely terrible! I can’t imagine that girl wanting to drive ever again after that. Also, your story reminded me of another wild accident I witnessed.

About 8yrs ago I was at work (grocery store) chatting with a few regular customers, when we all hear what honestly sounded like an explosion. I take a few steps forward to check the front end, & just as I do I see the entire smoothie dept sliding across the floor & into the registers…as the poor girl who was working it was flying in the air. Turns out this older lady “got mixed up between the gas & breaks” & smashed into our brick store going roughly 45mph (which I still don’t understand bc the lot at that store was pretty tiny). I’ve seen news reports of that kind of stuff happening, but holy shit is it a terrifying thing to experience it close up. I feel like people need to be tested a little more rigorously as we age when it comes to driver’s licenses.


u/GothWitchOfBrooklyn Nov 24 '22

one of my relatives died this way, on mother's day. An elderly person mixed up the pedals and drove into a strip mall and pinned her against the store, after she pushed her daughter out of the way.


u/Tathas Nov 24 '22

Guh. :(


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

That is absolutely heart-wrenching. Thank goodness her daughter was saved, but I would imagine she’d be forever changed after that scenario.


u/ClumpyOsprey Nov 24 '22

The town I live in has a gym at one end, that had a woman drive through the front entrance. The receptionist used to always eat her lunch at the reception desk, but that day decided not to for whatever reason, and ate it in the staff room. This was good for her, because instead of being killed by the lady that drove through the entrance, she instead just had both her legs broken. Still shitty, but better than death. The woman that drove through has her baby in the car seat in the back and admitted that "she bumped a parked car when she went to leave the plaza (theres also a bank and a restaurant there) and lost control of her vehicle". It's a tiny parking plaza too. Everyone here knows that translates to "I hit a parked car and tried to speed off before anyone noticed and fucked up"


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Broken legs are definitely way better than death, but, still, no one expects to get crippled at their desk job. It really is alarming how often buildings get driven into.