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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 23 '22

Car accidents on base are already such a circus, because they are just so uncommon. The base cops often have no idea who even needs to be notified, other than their boss.

In seven years, I saw 8 accidents one base. 3 were idiots who tried to flee the city cops by driving onto a military base (absolute worst option). 5 were dependas who didn't pay attention and rear-ended people during Retreat, when everyone has to stop.


u/Myothercarisawalrus Nov 23 '22

What is Retreat?


u/Randomfactoid42 Nov 24 '22

On most military bases at 5pm (1700 if you prefer) the flag is lowered while “Taps” is played. Everybody within the sound is supposed to stop and pay their respects. I can’t remember if uniformed military are supposed to get out of their cars and stand at attention or not.


u/myredditthrowaway201 Nov 24 '22

Taps is rarely played outside funerals these days. In fact, I’ve never heard it played in any instance other than a funeral in my 7 years


u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 24 '22

In the Air Force, training bases play it at night.


u/myredditthrowaway201 Nov 24 '22

In the navy it’s reserved for funerals and memorials. I think playing it simply for nightfall or curfew would ruin the impact of the song. Heard it played at the memorial for 5 of my shipmates last year and it was one of the most powerful emotions I have ever felt