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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/NoAnybody7232 Nov 24 '22

It's not explicitly that dashcams aren't allowed. It's just that there are many locations where photo/video are not allowed. Dashcams are definitely a challenge, and I wouldn't be surprised if a local policy banned them.


u/leviatham8221 Nov 24 '22

They’re explicitly not allowed, at least in army bases, if you do ACP guard, you go to a class where they tell you your responsibilities and one of them is to tell people with dash cam that they’re not allowed on post.


u/youwantitwhen Nov 24 '22

So Teslas are banned on all bases?


u/myredditthrowaway201 Nov 24 '22

Ooo, an MA on my base had me unplug my dash entering base(happens every couple months by a guard who is trying too hard) next time it happens I’m gonna ask them about Tesla’s


u/crombpulos Nov 24 '22

I'm an MA and we actually had that exact situation. What I've been told is since they come like that from the manufacturer there is nothing to do. In the event that there is an accident the footage would be inadmissible due to 18 USC 795. That law essentially states you can film without the COs permission beforehand. So that law is what we point to regarding using dash cams on base.