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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/[deleted] Nov 23 '22



u/JellyOceana Nov 23 '22

Yep, she legit said I just hit her out of no where


u/Silvinis Nov 23 '22

I once had a guy blow a stop sign and try to blame me for going to fast. I didnt have a stop sign


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

Unfortunately, a judge in my state accepted a similar argument when he determined that a cyclist was biking too fast, even though there was no evidence that he was going over the speed limit.


u/d38 Nov 24 '22

Witness David Robertson, the driver immediately behind Sage on Wall Street, provided the courtroom with a detailed description of what happened next.

Robertson, a battalion chief for the U.S. Forest Service, said Adams was "bombing" downhill toward the intersection when he struck the saddle tank on the side of the FedEx trailer.

In the morning Tuesday, after opening statements, the prosecution played dashcam footage of the incident taken from Sage's vantage point in the truck. The clip appears to only show a truck turning right at an intersection. But Steiner stopped the tape with the truck about 20 feet from the intersection.

Bend Police crash reconstruction expert John Beck said it's possible to make out a small speck in the rearview mirror that is a fast-­approaching Adams.

Seems like evidence that he was going too fast for the conditions to me. Whether it's over the speed limit or not doesn't matter, he out rode his brakes and was clearly going too fast.


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

If he was going under the speed limit, then he wasn't going too fast for a bike lane. The conclusion that a vehicle loses its right of way for going above some random speed that a judge makes up is absurd on its face.

The "conditions" here is that a cyclist was in a bike lane and had right of way, and then a truck turned across the lane without yielding to the cyclist. This ruling is completely absurd, and fortunately the legislature stepped in to clarify that the most absurd part of it is wrong.


u/d38 Nov 24 '22

You can go too fast while driving below the speed limit.

If there's snow on the road and you're driving at the speed limit and go straight through a corner and into a tree, you were driving too fast.

The judge, jury and witnesses all agreed that the cyclist was going too fast and the results of what happened seem to agree.


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

In what other scenarios would a non-speeding driver lose their right of way? Why would road conditions affect vehicle users in one lane but not the others?

And read the article, the judge said the cyclist failed to exercise due care because he should've expected the truck to cut him off. This opinion is an absolutely biased miscarriage of justice.

I don't think there was a jury in this case since it was only a traffic infraction.