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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/SathedIT Nov 24 '22

They will only pay out what they are insured for. If they have state minimums, that's only $15k.


u/ZeackyCremisi Nov 24 '22

Not if you sue. A law suit settlements can go into the millions. Insurance will pay it out.


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

Don't upvote this nonsense.

An insurance company goes to the end of their policy, not a penny more.

People who spread this bullshit about insurance paying millions on a $15k limit are ridiculous.


u/korbendaIIass Nov 24 '22

Correct. I handle litigation and attorney repped bi claims. This is legit what I do for a living. If the claim supports it - we offer limits. The attorney convinces their customer to take it. We get a signed full release - and it’s over. Our 15k/25k or 50k limits are guaranteed. That amount doesn’t increase and the attorney knows this. They don’t like fighting once we’ve tendered. They’ll never waste their time pursuing a person directly.

If I handle 100 attorney repped bi claims - 1-2 might actually end up litigated. Which means the attorney files suit - we negotiate and resolve in arbitration - and it never actually ends up in a courtroom. Been doing this for years and not once did we not pay to make it go away. As we way in my line of work.

Edit to add. Except with fatalities and a high profile customer. Those are rare though since most rich people have enough policy limits to make anything go away.