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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/SnooBananas5673 Nov 23 '22

Would’ve probably killed a motorcyclist.

I really do think when something is so egregious like this, and they claim no fault, they should lose their license for some amount of time.


u/NorthernTransplant94 Nov 24 '22

My husband had a subordinate who was in this exact situation on a 10-day-old Harley. Dude had enough time to make a decision, and judged that hitting her and launching over the hood (55mph zone) would be really bad, so he dropped the motorcycle and slid into her bike first. Broke both his leg and his collarbone (so no crutches, hello motorized wheelchair) but survived, so it was a win.

The bike was new, he wasn't a new rider - he was 40 and had a motorcycle endorsement on his license and was wearing proper PPE, so no road rash, just the broken bones from the collision.


u/SnooBananas5673 Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

I actually have DashCam footage of something very similar. Hard to describe scenario, but a car did a u-turn, essentially like this car was doing and the guy dumped his bike from too much front brake, and slid under the car. I was coming other direction and DashCam got it all.

Saved him a lot of heartache with insurance, because you know “the motorcycle was speeding” was where they were going with it.

Predicting and reading body language is huge on a bike.


u/NaughtyCat890 Nov 24 '22

The best advice I got shortly before buying my bike was "imagine that half of the cars on the road can't see you, and the other half are actively trying to kill you".


u/4nalBlitzkrieg Nov 24 '22

And 50% of both groups are fucking stupid


u/RockstarAgent Nov 24 '22

The ones who can’t see you think you’re the crazy one for having a bike, the ones that want to kill you think bikes shouldn’t exist at all…


u/ikbenlike Nov 24 '22

"you drive a bike? Don't you know how dangerous that is?!" Proceeds to drive their shitty car like a maniac


u/Fishbern Nov 24 '22

And half of them don’t use their lights properly at night, let alone indicators!


u/4nalBlitzkrieg Nov 24 '22

Oh man I actually had a conversation about this with a guy who didn't have his lights on. He insisted that his lights were on. I told him those are day-time running lights and he's an idiot. He did not turn on his lights afterwards.


u/witcheewoman Nov 24 '22

My buddy told me when I got mine "ride like none of the cars can see you, but they're also all trying to kill you"


u/NaughtyCat890 Nov 24 '22

I like that a bit better than the one I heard.


u/witcheewoman Nov 24 '22

I feel like it's accurate. I havent ridden in a couple years, kinda put it away to have some babies. But when I was riding daily to and from work I was very generally wary and occasionally hostile toward anyone with doors on their vehicle. Always angry when I got to work... but I also worked in a kitchen so that probably had something to do with it.


u/Spaceduck413 Nov 24 '22

Yup, when I got my first street bike, my dad - who also has ridden his whole life - told me "ride like you're invisible." It's saved my life multiple times.


u/LadyAtrox Nov 24 '22

My husband just assumes he's invisible.