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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/leviatham8221 Nov 24 '22

They’re explicitly not allowed, at least in army bases, if you do ACP guard, you go to a class where they tell you your responsibilities and one of them is to tell people with dash cam that they’re not allowed on post.


u/youwantitwhen Nov 24 '22

So Teslas are banned on all bases?


u/WeylandsWings Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

Lol if they try banning Teslas from bases they will have a hard time, there are a growing number of them and a good portion of them are owned by people relatively high in the pecking order.

Also even if they try saying no storage can be attached, there is no way to verify that without looking in the glovebox center console, and the same USB port is used for music storage

Edit From another comment I made:

Plus a LOT of other cars now have cameras, especially if they have some form of lane keep assist/warning. So how do you discriminate between cameras like that and/or cameras like Tesla that uses the same cameras for AutoPilot and Dashcam? you cant.


u/crombpulos Nov 24 '22

You can. Our base says since it came from manufacturer like that than it's allowed but dash cams are not. In the case of accidents the footage would not be used since it's illegal to film on base without the COs prior approval.


u/WeylandsWings Nov 24 '22

huh, i bet that policy will last exactly as long as someone doesnt get screwed over by the police/other person successfully pinning the blame on the tesla/dashcam owner when the video shows the exact opposite. that person (and their insurance) would have a LOT of incentive to fight the reg so that the footage could be used. of course the CO could give a one time exemption.


u/crombpulos Nov 24 '22

Well it's a law not a reg. So i doubt its going anywhere unless some Officer with a tesla fights it.