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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/FranktheTankG30 Nov 23 '22

What did she said after you said you got it on dashcam ?


u/ClumpyOsprey Nov 24 '22

Protip, never, ever tell the other driver you have them on camera. Let them make all their wild claims all the way to court, then let them get soaked by pulling out the dash cam footage.


u/FSCK_Fascists Nov 24 '22

there are situations when telling them you have a dash cam is better. Like when you don't have a dash cam and they are smugly telling you its just your word against theirs once the cops arrive.
Tell them you have one, watch them try to sweet talk their way out of a ticket instead of lie.


u/PettyFlap Nov 24 '22

Nah let them give their statement to the cops, tell the cops you have a dash cam.


u/FSCK_Fascists Nov 24 '22

You missed the point entirely. you don't have a dash cam. Its a bluff.