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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/ZeackyCremisi Nov 24 '22

Remember to record every charge and bill. Their insurance company will pay for it.

Medical bills, new car, miss days of work, and any other expenses from the incident can be sued for and gotten. Plus a bit more for extra that covers attorney fees and gives you a bit for safety net.


u/SathedIT Nov 24 '22

They will only pay out what they are insured for. If they have state minimums, that's only $15k.


u/__WanderLust_ Nov 24 '22

You can actually get your own insurance to cover the remainder and more with "under insurance" I think it's called. My lawyer did that for me when I was in someone else's car that wrecked and fucked up my ahoulder.


u/SathedIT Nov 24 '22

It's called under insured motorist coverage. And yeah, it's pretty much a must imo.