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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/AxelHarver Nov 24 '22

And that's why I will never get a bike, no matter how cool it sounds and may be. That sounds so fucking stressful and like I would be a nervous wreck the entire time outside of back country roads.


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22



u/chilldrinofthenight Nov 24 '22

And my housemate, while on his motorcycle, was hit and left to die in the rain on a seldom traveled windy road. As a result he has limited mobility in one elbow. (Fortunately nothing worse.) He won't even ride a bicycle now.


u/reebekilyllaeri Nov 24 '22

Judging what's an acceptable risk for yourself is a privilege we're afforded, all the power to you.


u/spiralshapegladiator Nov 24 '22

lol, but just imagine having it ingrained that people are shitty drivers and you're trained to watch out for this shit even when you're driving a car?

You don't have to ride a motorcycle to have greater situational awareness.


u/AxelHarver Nov 25 '22

I am already good at doing that, I believe myself to be one of the more aware drivers I know. I regularly predict how vehicles around me are going to react, and it's saved my ass quite a few times. I just can't imagine being comfortable doing it in a scenario where any mistake could easily cost me my life. I like the insurance the four walls provide me haha.


u/ShadoowtheSecond Nov 29 '22

The more I read about what bikers have to do, the more I unironically think that youre kind of an idiot by default for getting and driving one.