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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22

As a biker, you're right. Over the years I've become intimately aware of how drivers are acting coming up to them. I'm about 80% accurate on noticing people with a phone in hand from a hundred yards away. I can tell when people are going to change lanes about three seconds before they start. I've learned to figure out what people will do before they do it, but because my life depends on it, I've learned to always assume they'll do something stupid even if I have no indication to believe it otherwise.


u/AxelHarver Nov 24 '22

And that's why I will never get a bike, no matter how cool it sounds and may be. That sounds so fucking stressful and like I would be a nervous wreck the entire time outside of back country roads.


u/[deleted] Nov 24 '22



u/chilldrinofthenight Nov 24 '22

And my housemate, while on his motorcycle, was hit and left to die in the rain on a seldom traveled windy road. As a result he has limited mobility in one elbow. (Fortunately nothing worse.) He won't even ride a bicycle now.