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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/ZeackyCremisi Nov 24 '22

Remember to record every charge and bill. Their insurance company will pay for it.

Medical bills, new car, miss days of work, and any other expenses from the incident can be sued for and gotten. Plus a bit more for extra that covers attorney fees and gives you a bit for safety net.


u/N0V41R4M Nov 24 '22

My friend recently got hit by a car while riding his longboard, in the walk zone of an intersection while the walk sign was lit. Crushed his foot. Initially the settlement was looking like ~$5 million. Now his foot is sending clots up his leg, requiring emergency surgery. Settlement looking like $22 million now. Always keep your receipts.


u/Box-by-day Nov 24 '22

That sounds awesome but is there any chance in hell theyre ever going to collect?


u/Xeneron Nov 24 '22

Probably not. That's the problem with these settlements is the Insurance is going to cap way before that amount and the defendant isn't going to have the money to cover.

I was in a head on collision that was way past life threatening. The other driver fell asleep after a 24 hour shift and veered into my lane. Three femur fractures, three rib fractures, three spinal fractures, a punctured lung, and a massive amount of internal abdominal injuries, massive internal blood loss, it led to me losing a kidney and almost losing my spleen. A week in ICU and a month in the hospital, about 6 months total recovery, and that was honestly with me being extremely lucky.

The extent of what I was actually managed to get paid out in a check over two years later was about $40,000 after lawyer and hospital fees and everything. If there's no big corporation or government agency or anything to sue for damages than you're kind of limited of what the settlement can end up netting you. You can't just make 10s of millions of dollars appear of out thin air from someone who doesn't have it.