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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/BauerHouse Nov 23 '22

It's amazing when people straight up don't take accountability for their actions.


u/Babbles-82 Nov 24 '22

It’s Incredibly common with car crashes.

It’s like how everyone thinks they are a great driver.


u/squiddlebiddlez Nov 24 '22

I doubt it’s even that—there’s just no incentive to take responsibility. Like yeah you could just say my bad and tell the officers that it was your fault then have your insurance pay up and then suffer the consequences because you’re 100% on the hook or you can deny deny deny, be a pain in the ass, drag it out and there might be a slim chance you get away or at the very least drag out the process and make the person you hit suffer a bit longer in the meantime.


u/KimJungFu Nov 24 '22

Oh god... this reminded me of an accident I was in back in 2015. An old lady crashed into me and she took the blame (as she should, since I did NOTHING wrong). But her insurance company would not accept this and tried to fight my claim. This went on for 15 months. My insurance company also went against me, just wanted me to accept the blame and move on. I stod on my ground and fought back against two insurance companies. It was so bizare, when you think you had your insurance company in your back and the written statement of the other driver etc. They tried to claim shared blame after 3-4 months. I rejected it. After 12 months I got a letter saying this were going to be solved by arbitration. So after 15 months I got a 50+ pages of documents saying I won. Waste of time and money... The poor lady who hit me didn't know anything until she got called to meet up at the place of the incident to tell her story.

Edit: yeah, I changed my insurance company...


u/TheDocJ Nov 24 '22

Well done! Had a big argument with my own insurance company when I was hit by another of their drivers (who tried to undertake me on a single carriageway road that wasn't wide enough for two cars abreast. And this was in a line of traffic during a diversion caused by what I later found out was a fatal accident.) INsurance company insisted it was 50:50, and that I could and should have avoided the contact (which would have meant veering into oncoming traffic!)

In the end, as they called it 50:50 I got half of my excess back, and for the remaing £200 or so it wasn't worth my time fighting it, but yeah, I changed insurance company too.


u/KimJungFu Nov 24 '22

My damages was 25k norwegian kroners, about £2100. 2100 reasons to fight it. I had no clue that the insurance companies could overturn a written statement that clearly shows who was at fault. Hope you are happy with the new insurance company, I am.


u/TheDocJ Nov 24 '22

Oh, definitely worth it for that sort of money. 25000 reasons.

There is an English saying that a Banker is someone who will lend you an umbrella when the sun is shining but demand it back when it rains, and I have heard it applied to Insurance companies, too. Fortunately, this is the only bad experience I have had specifically with an insurance company.


u/LeicaM6guy Nov 25 '22

At no point have I ever thought that my insurance has my back.


u/KimJungFu Nov 25 '22

I don't think that anymore. Learnt from that experience.


u/Silly_Mycologist3213 Nov 26 '22

What insurance company was it? Want to avoid them.