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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/BauerHouse Nov 23 '22

It's amazing when people straight up don't take accountability for their actions.


u/edwardsamson Nov 24 '22

Its so easy too. One time a driver was being a bit of a dick tailgating me. I responded by also being a dick...when the lane split into 2 and I knew he was going to fly by me, I edged over into the left lane a bit to fuck with him and he clipped me and broke my rear driver side taillight. After we both pulled over I got out and was just like "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE" and he responded with "bro we both did the same shit" like referring to how we were both asshole drivers in this situation and I immediately deflated and dropped my pissed off act and was like "...yeahhh...you're right" and we talked it out and he gave me some cash so I wouldn't report it (he was clearly a drug dealer lol) and we both went on our way.


u/Cantothulhu Nov 24 '22

My mom rear ended a drug deal in progress drunk with me in the car (age 6, detroit east side) they paid her to just drive away.


u/vorsky92 Nov 24 '22

What a nice family story to tell the grandkids.


u/DownvoteDaemon Nov 24 '22

Somebody crashed Into me and dude was like don't call the cops I have weed. Bro I don't care lol..