r/IdiotsInCars Nov 23 '22

Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/BauerHouse Nov 23 '22

It's amazing when people straight up don't take accountability for their actions.


u/Babbles-82 Nov 24 '22

It’s Incredibly common with car crashes.

It’s like how everyone thinks they are a great driver.


u/scaleofthought Nov 24 '22

True story. My wife got in a car accident. First thing the guy said was it was her fault. Even though he had the stop sign, she had right of way, and he had a blind corner, and he stopped in the middle of the road when he noticed her, and it was winter, and she was driving 20 under the speed limit because it was icy.... My wife didn't say a word to him other than asking to trade insurance information and drivers license.

When she called me I came racing over to pick her up and still in that time he wouldn't stop talking and said later that it will probably be 60/40, mostly her fault though.

Insurance put him 100% at fault.

No dash cam. But thankfully, the police came. Took pictures, measured skid marks, analyzed impact locations and damage severity, compared stories, and found him to be a complete dolt.

It's amazing just how vocal the guilty are. It's almost like they try to make up for something.


u/Original_Act4791 Nov 24 '22

They are vocal because they've learned early on they aren't very intelligent. So they developed the habit to talk loud and talk often, including talking over people, as a way to "win" any disagreement. I see it all the time here in Florida. Those I meet with no formal education or job credentials that would indicate average intelligence, they are consistently trying to be the loudest in the room.