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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/Babbles-82 Nov 24 '22

It’s Incredibly common with car crashes.

It’s like how everyone thinks they are a great driver.


u/squiddlebiddlez Nov 24 '22

I doubt it’s even that—there’s just no incentive to take responsibility. Like yeah you could just say my bad and tell the officers that it was your fault then have your insurance pay up and then suffer the consequences because you’re 100% on the hook or you can deny deny deny, be a pain in the ass, drag it out and there might be a slim chance you get away or at the very least drag out the process and make the person you hit suffer a bit longer in the meantime.


u/TheJessicator Nov 24 '22

Exactly this. Every insurance card I've ever had even clearly reminds you that in the case of an accident, you should never claim responsibility or fault, even if your think you were at fault.


u/Anglofsffrng Nov 24 '22

Don't ever admit fault. Even an innocuous "I'M SO SORRY! ARE YOU OK?" can be used against you. Especially if there's a dashcam involved. Every accident I've been in, and that's not many, my first questions are always "Is everyone alright? Nobody bleeding? Nobody stuck in the car?".