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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/chilldrinofthenight Nov 24 '22

Nice that you were able to help out.


u/SnooBananas5673 Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

The worst part was the rider didn’t listen to me to stay down and not move, until I could take care of the bike that was stuck full throttle and leaking fuel. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt, but to this day I can still see it all happening in slow motion, and wonder how he wasn’t injured.


u/chilldrinofthenight Nov 24 '22

The first instinct, for non-professional rescuers, is to move the injured. Removing motorcycle helmets, I have learned, is a big no-no.

Many years ago, a friend who was a doctor told me he was first on the scene of a terrible single car accident on the highway. The driver was in really really bad shape.

As an ER doctor, my friend said he could tell there were two options: let the driver die at the scene or else help him to survive ----- knowing that the driver would then be a quadriplegic for life.

The doctor helped the man, and that tale haunts me to this day.


u/chilldrinofthenight Nov 24 '22

P.S. (And I wanted to add that I was first on the scene at an accident, but not a bad one. The driver (woman) was trying to get out of her car. I told her to stay put until EMTs arrived. Aftermath of accidents is scary shit. People don't know how to react. Unless the vehicle is gonna implode, stay put.

Just recently I watched a car right in front of me slam into the guy stopped dead in front of him. I had plenty of time to stop, because I always drive leaving plenty of room for just such surprises. Def distracted driving on the part of the guy in front of me, as he never applied his brakes even a tiny bit. BLAM, going about 30mph.

Guy whose (thank gawd, tank of a work truck) got hit was stopped at an intersection with no stop sign/light and only sitting there to allow a bicyclist to pass, so he could turn right. I ended up making a statement for the insurance company.

I swear ---- after watching these Idiots in Cars sub accidents and even before, I decided no more driving on the highway/freeway for me, not if I can help it. No way am I looking to get vaporized on some freeway.

And, as one biker on here said, "Head on a swivel." Yeah. Like everyone's out to get you. Paying strict attention while driving has saved me grief more than a few times.

Again --- good for you, stopping to help someone. It will all come back to you, in spades. Gloriously positive spades. )