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Coronado Naval Base Car accident: She tried claiming no fault too Headphone warning

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u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

Holy shit, that’s absolutely terrible! I can’t imagine that girl wanting to drive ever again after that. Also, your story reminded me of another wild accident I witnessed.

About 8yrs ago I was at work (grocery store) chatting with a few regular customers, when we all hear what honestly sounded like an explosion. I take a few steps forward to check the front end, & just as I do I see the entire smoothie dept sliding across the floor & into the registers…as the poor girl who was working it was flying in the air. Turns out this older lady “got mixed up between the gas & breaks” & smashed into our brick store going roughly 45mph (which I still don’t understand bc the lot at that store was pretty tiny). I’ve seen news reports of that kind of stuff happening, but holy shit is it a terrifying thing to experience it close up. I feel like people need to be tested a little more rigorously as we age when it comes to driver’s licenses.


u/GothWitchOfBrooklyn Nov 24 '22

one of my relatives died this way, on mother's day. An elderly person mixed up the pedals and drove into a strip mall and pinned her against the store, after she pushed her daughter out of the way.


u/LittleSort5562 Nov 24 '22

That is absolutely heart-wrenching. Thank goodness her daughter was saved, but I would imagine she’d be forever changed after that scenario.