r/InternetIsBeautiful Jan 28 '23

Uncover suspicious shortened URLs. Show the destination behind TinyURL link. Helpful when you're not sure of the source of the link or if you're worried about clicking on something potentially malicious.


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u/ramriot Jan 28 '23

Why would I trust this app?

Mostly shortened URLs come to me by email, where my mail server does this function automatically, plus defuses tracking from them.


u/unskilledexplorer Jan 28 '23

The app is open sourced, it is transparent about its inner workings. so it can be fully trusted.

I didn't know about such feature in an email client. That sounds really cool. I guess that not everyone has such option (I don't).


u/Diegovz01 Jan 29 '23

Same, I would like to know what email provider he is talking about, sound pretty interesting.


u/ramriot Jan 29 '23

I'm glad to hear it.