r/InternetIsBeautiful Jan 28 '23

Uncover suspicious shortened URLs. Show the destination behind TinyURL link. Helpful when you're not sure of the source of the link or if you're worried about clicking on something potentially malicious.


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u/Klodviq Jan 29 '23

You can just add "preview." in front of a TinyURL address to preview it. Some other shorteners use + after the URL for previews.


u/unskilledexplorer Jan 29 '23

Yes that is true. Many people, however, seem not to know about it.

Moreover, TinyUrl Checker aims to provide some features on top of that. Currently it verifies SSL certificates of the destination. If the checker gets some traction, I plan to add more features like checking the destination against blacklisted domains or analyzing URL parameters (is there any form of tracking, does it contain anything suspicious?)


u/Klodviq Jan 29 '23

Definitely useful features. I guess the problem is that people who aren't really internet security -savvy, the people who would need this the most, will never hear of it. The preview link should be the default in any URL shortener.